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WSVMA Member Survey – The Lemonade of COVID-19

May 21, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many uncomfortable feelings. Fear, economic and financial worries, health concerns, depression, anxiety, isolation. The veterinary industry has had to be nimble on its feet and adapt frequently to an ever-changing landscape amidst a flood of patients. And yet, the last year brought about some changes in how we run our veterinary hospitals that might actually be… good. We want to hear from you on what positive changes occurred in your veterinary job over the past year and which of those are here to stay.

This short, less than 10-minute survey is brought to you by the WSVMA Power of Ten Leadership Academy. The Power of Ten is a group of motivated individuals learning together over the course of a year thanks to a WSVMA initiative designed to help recent graduates develop foundational skills in leadership, communication, and business.

Take the Survey here.

The deadline to complete it is June 10, 2021. The Power of Ten members will release the results of the survey later this summer.
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Posted May 21, 2021