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Our 2022-23 Board of Directors and Leaders

To get where the veterinary profession needs to go, it takes a dynamic group of people leading the way. Get to know our leadership team.
Blair de Vries



Dr. de Vries is a member of the American Association of Fish Veterinarians, American Veterinary Medical Association, Christian Veterinary Mission, World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, Washington State Veterinary Medical Association, and the 2018-2019 WSVMA Power of Ten leadership class. She helped organize, produce, and distribute their class project, the Ready Vet Go podcast ( She was selected to attend the 2020 Veterinary Leadership Conference as the rising leader for Washington State by the WSVMA Board of Directors. Dr. de Vries has held leadership roles in veterinary school including WSU SAVMA Vice President, Treasurer of the WSU ACVIM student Chapter, and represented WSU at an AVMA Student Legislative Fly-In.

Eddie Haigh



Raised in Shelton, Washington, Dr. Eddie Haigh graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. After graduation, Dr. Haigh returned to Shelton where he currently works at and owns the Haigh Veterinary Hospital with his parents (both Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine graduates). In 2020 Dr. Haigh completed a two-year Aquaculture Fellowship through the University of Florida. Dr. Haigh served as chair of the WSVMA Program Committee that oversees the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference from 2015 to 2020. Dr. Haigh lives in Shelton with his wife and two children and enjoys spending time with his family outdoors and golfing.

Gary Marshall



Dr. Gary Marshall graduated from the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. He practices full-time at the feline-exclusive practice he founded on Mercer Island, Wash. in 1996. His special areas of interest are feline geriatrics, client communication, and the training and mentorship of veterinary students and recent graduates. As Adjunct Professor for WSU/CVM, several veterinary students receive part of their clinical training at Island Cats every year. Dr. Marshall is WSVMA’s immediate Past-President. He represents Wash. in the AVMA House of Delegates, serves on both the Board of the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative and the Advisory Group of the AVMA/AAVMC Commission for a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Veterinary Profession. He also enjoys engaging with new grads as the North American Mentor for the VetX International Thrive community.

Brian Joseph



Former Washington State Veterinarian Brian Joseph serves as a veterinary consultant for over a dozen aquaria and dolphin facilities in the United States and the Bahamas including Washington’s own Seattle Aquarium. A 1984 University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine graduate, he completed his Master’s in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at the University of Florida in December 2020. Dr. Joseph’s interests include the global effect of climate change on food security, transboundary disease, zoonotic disease, and the marine environment. He serves as a Director on the LifeStock Int’l and Protect Wild Dolphins boards, and recently completed a project in Kurdistan and Iraq training farmers, laboratory diagnosticians, and veterinarians in the detection, reporting and control of transboundary diseases. Dr. Joseph frequently serves as an animal welfare auditor for the American Humane Association, enjoys fishing, kayaking, and writing. He lives in Gig Harbor with his lovely wife, and an autistic Leonberger, a Mexican Street Dog, two Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, a cat, and is, of course, allergic to the latter five.

Rick DeBowes



Richard M. DeBowes, DVM, MS, DACVS, is a Professor of Surgery and the Director of the Professional Life Skills program at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Working with Dr. Kathleen Ruby and others, Rick helped fund, develop, promote and host, the Cougar Orientation and Leadership Experience at WSU and the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience (VLE) program for the global veterinary profession. Based on his experiences in veterinary practice and his awareness of the “people skills” needed to be a great health care team member, Rick currently oversees the practice management curriculum and continues to teach in the leadership and the clinical communication courses for which he was the founding co-director.

Bob Mealey



Dr. Mealey earned his DVM in 1990 from Colorado State University. Following a large animal medicine and surgery internship at the University of Minnesota, and spent a year working as a track veterinarian for the Texas Racing Commission. Dr. Mealey went on to a large animal (equine emphasis) internal medicine residency at Texas A&M, which he completed in 1995 with board certification in large animal internal medicine by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. After a year as a member of the equine clinical faculty at Texas A&M, he came to the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) in 1996 as an equine medicine clinician in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS). During his 26-year WSU career in two different CVM departments, Dr. Mealey earned a PhD (2001), maintained a research and teaching interest in equine infectious disease and immunology, and developed a strong interest in leadership. Before becoming VCS Chair in August 2020, he served as the CVM Associate Dean for Research, was a member of the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges Leadership Academy, served as Chair of the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, and served as the CVM Interim Dean during the initial and most challenging phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sally Thompson-Iritani



Dr. Sally Thompson-Iritani lives in Seattle where her and her husband raised 3 kids and now share a home with 2 cats and 2 dogs. She received her DVM from Iowa State University and her PhD in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences from the University of Washington. She is trained as a laboratory animal veterinarian with specialized certification as a Compassion Fatigue Professional and Educator. Her current role is at the University of Washington as the Assistant Vice Provost for Animal Care, Outreach, and 3Rs where she has oversight for the Animal Care and Use Program, education about the role of animals in supporting science, and the 3Rs Initiative (replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of animals in biomedical research). In addition to her role as the Treasurer for WSVMA she also serves as the Treasurer for the Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Program in WA state and the Vice President for the national organization The 3Rs Collaborative.

Candace Joy

Chief Executive Officer

Candace Joy has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association since 2002. She is a past president of Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) and is a recipient of VMAE’s Executive of the Year and Distinguished Service awards. She has served on numerous veterinary-related boards and committees, and currently chairs VMAE’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and serves on the DEI Advisory Group to the AVMA/AAVMC Commission for a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Veterinary Profession. Candace enjoys writing, hiking, travel, and the arts.

Meet the Past Presidents of the WSVMA

We’re thankful to all of those who have volunteered time and resources to improve veterinary medicine and the lives of those touched by it.

2021 Dr. Jennifer Bennett

2020 Dr. Rick DeBowes

2019 Dr. Gary Marshall

2018 Dr. Jean Gulbransen

2017 Dr. Paul DeMaris

2016 Dr. Kathy Hickey

2015 Dr. Lisa Parshley

2014 Dr. Lisa Parshley

2013 Dr. Jocelyn Woodd

2012 Dr. James McCutchan

2011 Dr. John Cannon

2010 Dr. Kit Wenrick

2009 Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse

2008 Dr. Debora Wallingford

2007 Dr. Robert A. Thompson

2006 Dr. Saundra E. Willis

2005 Dr. Robert R. Gilpin

2004 Dr. Saundra E. Willis

2003 Dr. Clive C. Gay

2002 Dr. Jayne E. Jensen

2001 Dr. Kit B. Bowerman

2000 Dr. Kathleen M. Connell

1999 Dr. William Testerman

1998 Dr. Robert W. Bishop

1997 Dr. William B. Holleman

1996 Dr. Kathryn M. Haigh

1995 Dr. Donald I. Kelts

1994 Dr. Kim A. Nicholas

1993 Dr. Jerry Pospisil

1992 Dr. Warwick M. Bayly

1991 Dr. Charles R. Root

1990 Dr. Brian E. Albers

1989 Dr. Harmon A. Rogers

1988 Dr. Thomas F. Meyer

1987 Dr. A. Roger Harder

1986 Dr. Daniel L. DeWeert

1985 Dr. G. Gary Duskin

1984 Dr. Reilly P. Glore

1983 Dr. Dee G. Meek

1982 Dr. Verner Pedersen

1981 Dr. Robert L. Pietila

1980 Dr. Michael J. Lust

1979 Dr. Jerold D. Gemar

1978 Dr. John E. Alexander

1977 Dr. Arnold C. Slater

1976 Dr. William L. Yakely

1975 Dr. Stanley B. Coe

1974 Dr. L. Everett Macomber

1973 Dr. Ronald J. Streeter

1972 Dr. Robert E. Wilson

1971 Dr. Clyde M. Bemis

1970 Dr. Leon M. Bodie

1969 Dr. Orin G. Swanson

1968 Dr. Alex J. Ryncarz

1967 Dr. Thomas Guilfoil

1966 Dr. Neil V. Follett

1965 Dr. Ivor Evans

1964 Dr. Harold Warsinske

1963 Dr. Robert Ebright

1962 Dr. Philip Pfarr

1961 Dr. Howard DuBois

1960 Dr. Robert Burch

1959 Dr. Ernest Stone

1958 Dr. William F. Harris

1957 Dr. George Duby

1956 Dr. Irwin Erickson

1955 Dr. Roy Hostetler

1954 Dr. Don Clarke

1953 Dr. James Kraft

1952 Dr. Philip Hinze

1951 Dr. John Stevens

1950 Dr. T. Robert Phelps

1949 Dr. LeMar Gaw

1948 Dr. M. O. Mulqueeney

1947 Dr. Norman Garlick

1946 Dr. Philip Millard

1946 Dr. George Folger

1945 Dr. O. Leighton Bailey

1944 Dr. W. L. Kilpatrick

1943 Dr. W. L. Kilpatrick

1942 Dr. M. O. Barnes

1941 Dr. F. E. Smith

1940 Dr. Harry Marsden

1939 Dr. J. P. Johnson

1938 Dr. R. R. Isham

1937 Dr. C. E. Sayer

1936 Dr. Stanley Worley

1935 Dr. Ray Gilliam&lt

1934 Dr. V. O. Pauhlman

1933 Dr. A. H. P. Hendricksen

1932 Dr. O. G. Button

1931 Dr. J. E. McCoy

1930 Dr. E. A. Ehmer

1929 Dr. George W. Staggs

1928 Dr. J. J. Stratton

1927 Dr. C. S. Phillips

1926 Dr. J. R. Fuller

1925 Dr. P. G. MacKintosh

1924 Dr. R. J. Donohue

1923 Dr. H. A. Tippeer

1922 Dr. J. W. Woodside

1921 Dr. G. A. Jones

1920 Dr. R. A. Button

1919 Dr. Walter Ferguson

1918 Dr. L. C. Pelton

1917 Dr. L. C. Pelton

1916 Dr. E. E. Wegner

1915 Dr. Robert Prior

1914 Dr. J. T. Seely

1913 Dr. J. W. Kalkus

1912 Dr. A. J. Damen

1911 Dr. S. T. Miller

1910 Dr. S. T. Miller

1909 Dr. J. Hilton