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Do you want to be in the WSVMA Relief Bank? All you have to do is email or FAX the WSVMA offices with your information. If you are a current WSVMA member, your ad is free! Contact [email protected] or fax to (425) 396-3192 to get your ad started!

Dr. A’agha, Samir

Iowa State, ’15
Small animal medicine, surgery and dentistry
Fluent in Spanish and English
[email protected]

Dr. Bennett, Jennifer

Univ. of Wisconsin ‘08
Shelter medicine, high volume S/N, small animal (including rabbits and pocket pets) surgery and dentistry
Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties
(707) 775-9334
[email protected]

Dr. Bittner, Evelyn

Michigan State,‘91
SA General Medicine, Surgery & Dentistry.
Greater Seattle/ Eastside area.
(206) 799-1349
[email protected]

Dr. Blackburn, Sarah

Univ. of Illinois ‘17
SA Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry, Urgent Care, Daytime ER, Shelter Medicine, High Volume S/N.
King, Snohomish, Skagit and Pierce Counties. Will consider travel.
[email protected]

Dr. Brands, Michael

Minnesota, ’12
Small animal medicine and surgery
Seattle and surrounding areas
(530) 615-7699
[email protected]

Dr. Brendel, Alison

WSU, 2002
Small animal general practice
Small animal surgery
Equine general practice
Southeastern Washington
(509) 440-1616
[email protected]

Dr. Burggren, Blair

WSU, ’03
Companion animal medicine, surgery, emergency and critical care
Thurston County but will travel statewide
[email protected]

Dr. Bushey, Deborah

LSU, ‘06
Small Animal Medicine (No dentistry or surgery)
King and Snohomish Counties
[email protected]

Dr. Byrd, Teri

WSU, ’91.
SA ownership and management experience. High gross.
Limited to Tacoma, Renton, Port Orchard and West Seattle.
[email protected]
(808) 866-0420 (text only)

Dr. Carroll, Shauna

UC Davis, ‘93
SA Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry
South and Central King/N. Pierce Counties
(206) 434-7418
[email protected]

Dr. Chan, Alison

WSU ’19
Interested in Small animal medicine, especially surgery and dentistry. Urgent Care.
King/Snohomish County
[email protected]

Dr. Chatkupt, Tom


Tufts University class of 2000
Small animal general practice, including medicine and soft tissue surgery; some small mammal medicine
I’m interested in working in the Olympia area and would also consider other locations on the Olympic Peninsula, including Port Townsend and Port Angeles.  
[email protected]

Dr. DeGhetto, Darlene

CSU, ’91
SA medicine/dentistry/surgery/urgent care general practice; some exotics/small mammal; HVHQ spay and neuter /shelter medicine; acupuncture; Wildlife rehabilitation medicine
Greater Puget Sound area
(206) 854-8273 (text or leave VM)
[email protected] 

Dr. Doh, Shannon

UMN, ’18
SA medicine, surgery (spay, neuter, dentistry)
Clark and surrounding counties
(309) 235-6622
[email protected]

Dr. Donapaty, Sreenivasa

Col Vet Sciences Tirupati, APAU India, ‘87
Small animal/ ER/ Urgent care/ Point of care Ultrasound Scan
King/Pierce county
[email protected]
(470) 753-6323

Dr. Edwards, Pamela

CSU 2006
SA Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry
Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care
Small Mammal/Exotics Medicine/Wildlife
Shelter/Community Medicine
Geriatric/QOL Consultations/Grief Management
Seattle and greater area, will travel under specific circumstances
Licensed in WA, CO, NY
(206) 717-5577
[email protected]

Dr. Ericson, Michael

UCD ‘80
SA Medicine
Western Washington
(425) 281-6301
[email protected]

Dr. Hanna, Kristi

Oregon/WA State, ’96
SA Integrative medicine
certified in acupuncture since 2011
special interest in dog behavior, nutrition, and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.
(706) 575-2543
[email protected]

Dr. Johnson, Kathy

Ohio State, ’83
Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties
(425) 244-3281
[email protected]

Dr. Johnson, Rebecca

OSU/WSU, ’94
SA Medicine
Greater Puget Sound area
(206) 719-2056
[email protected]

Dr. Khalil, George

ECFVG ’19, Cairo University ’04
Small animal medicine, surgery, Basic Dentistry, and rehabilitation
Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom and King Counties. Will Travel
[email protected]

Dr. King, Darlene

WSU, ’98
Snohomish and King County area
(425) 344-7996
[email protected]

Dr. Kordupel, Michelle

NC State, ’19
Small animal and Exotic medicine and surgery, Shelter medicine/HQHVSN, Acupuncture
Island and Skagit counties, willing to travel
[email protected]

Dr. Kulpa, Cheryl

SA Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry, Urgent Care/ER, Shelter Medicine, High Volume S/N
[email protected]
(208) 816-2381

Dr. Lakritz, Jennifer

Small animal medicine, SA surgery, and dentistry.
Greater Seattle Area
(262) 617-4718
[email protected]

Dr. Lozano, Regina

Massey University ’18
Small animal medicine, dentistry, & surgery
Seattle & surrounding, will consider travel
[email protected]

Dr. Maness, Lori

Tufts, ’92
Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, Pacific, Grays Harbor, Mason and Wahkiakum Counties
Telemedicine relief to veterinary practices in Washington
(307) 277-8819
[email protected]

Dr. Mann, Sandeep

Punjab Agricultural University, 2007
SA General medicine, small mammal, surgery, dentistry, Urgent Care, multilingual (English, Hindi, Punjabi)
Tacoma and surrounding areas
[email protected] or [email protected]

Dr. McNabb, Amanda

Tennessee, ’02
ER/CC, SA medicine/surgery, shelter medicine, HQ/HV spay/neuter
King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Skagit
(425) 312-3727
[email protected]

Dr. Miller, Gary

WSU, ’84
WA, OR, Northern ID, Western MT
(509) 248-7398
[email protected]

Dr. Okawa, Kathryn

WSU, ’80
SA general practice; therapy laser
King, Snohomish, Skagit
(425) 870-7088
[email protected]

Dr. Panjeti, Ame

UGA, ’14
SA medicine/surgery and ER
King and Snohomish County
[email protected]

Dr. Powell, Pamela

WSU, ’82
SA medicine
Kitsap, Key and Olympic Peninsula to Olympia preferred
(253) 229-7816
[email protected]

Dr. Rhodes, Jan

UGA, 1986
SA Medicine and surgery
Skagit and Whatcom County
Open to Travel
[email protected]
(360) 853-3134

Dr. Riley, William

Texas A&M, ’00
Small Animal Medicine
Within 60 miles of Silverdale, or further with travel expenses
(360) 550-3012
[email protected]

Dr. Robinson, Nancy

WSU, ’07
Small Animal (cats and dogs) medicine, surgery, and emergency services
Pierce and Kitsap Counties
[email protected]

Dr. Schaezler, Brittany

LSU ’07
Small Animal Medicine, GP only
King, Pierce Counties
[email protected]

Dr. Skyrud, Ocean

WSU, ’15
SA Medicine/Dentistry
Greater Puget Sound Area
[email protected]

Dr. Small, Amy

Glasgow ‘88
SA Medicine/Surgery
Central and Eastern Washington & Idaho
(509) 420-3554 (text or leave message)
[email protected]

Dr. Snelgrove, Hank

UCD, ‘81
Integrative Small Animal Practice: medicine, dentistry, surgery, acupuncture, and TCVM herbal therapy
Limited to Jefferson, Kitsap, and Clallam Counties
(360) 301-0096
[email protected]

Dr. Stankowiak, Lindsay

Michigan State University ‘20
SA Emergency/Urgent Care, GP, Surgery
Puget Sound Region- Whatcom to Pierce counties including Kitsap. Will consider travel for consecutive shifts.
[email protected]

Dr. Vo, Maia

Tufts ‘02
SA, shelter, pain mgmt., acupuncture, AAFP, USDA (companion & equine)
Greater Seattle area.
(617) 453-8986

Dr. Warren, Natalie

CSU, ’99
Small animal medicine, dentistry, some surgery
Port Orchard and north, West Seattle; Additional areas considered
[email protected]

Dr. Weronko, Teri

Univ of Tenn ’94
Small animal emergency, urgent care, medicine, surgery & dentistry Greater Puget Sound, Licensed in WA, AK, and OR
(425) 466-2809
[email protected]

Dr. West, Erin E.

University of Missouri, ’08
Small animal medicine, dentistry, and surgery
Urgent Care
Some exotics, acupuncture
Based in Shoreline/North Seattle
(636) 578-7347
[email protected]

Dr. West, Kathryn

UF ‘94
Small animal medicine/surgery, No dentals
Greater Vancouver/Portland
(425) 231-8249
[email protected]

Dr. Wicklund, Andrew

WSU ’15
SA Medicine/Dentistry/Surgery
Greater Puget Sound Area
[email protected]

Dr. Wilson, Evelyn

WSU ’90, ABVP canine & feline med.
Small animal medicine, surgery, dentistry, E.R. and exotics Snohomish, King, Skagit and Whatcom counties.
(360) 631-2400
[email protected]

Dr. Woodke, Heather

WSU 2002
SA Medicine, Surgery, ER, Mobile Small Ruminant
Western Washington
(509) 990-8854
[email protected]

Dr. Yamashita, Michelle

WSU ’19
Small Animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry
Olympia and Tacoma, willing to travel
[email protected]

Dr. Yen, Irene

Ross 2017
SA Medicine/Surgery/ER
Shelter med/High Volume S/N
Seattle and surrounding, willing to travel
Licensed in WA & CA
[email protected]