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WSVMA DVM: Masterclass Intensive – Small Animal Behavior – Last week to register!

April 28, 2023

Join us on Sunday, May 7, 2023 from 12 – 4pm at Renton Technical College for one of our premier WSVMA DVM: Masterclass Intensives, Small Animal Behavior, featuring Dr. Christopher Pachel. The event is generously sponsored by Royal Canin and will feature information that you can bring back to your practice and implement immediately.

Dr. Pachel will cover the following topics:

More Than Just a Naughty Cat: Understanding Feline Nuisance Behaviors

Normal cat behaviors aren’t always appreciated, they may be creating discord in your client’s homes, and they may even be risking the surrender or euthanasia of your patients. Knowing how to respond to client questions about everyday behavior patterns, efficiently (!), can mean the difference between frustration and enjoyment, and potentially between life and death.

Under the Hood: Medical Factors Influencing Canine Aggression Cases

This session will take a look at multiple scenarios in which medical factors had a significant impact on the behavior patterns of the dog. This session will also demonstrate how addressing those medical factors through veterinary collaboration affected the outcome of these specific cases and allowed for more successful implementation of behavior modification strategies.

Top Tips for Management of Stress-Associated Conditions in Cats

Once you’ve identified signs of stress in your feline patient, and your client is on board to implement a plan for reducing that stress, then what? This presentation will provide a comparative look at environmental modifications, pharmacological strategies, nutritional and supplement-based approaches, and behavior modification strategies.

Prescribing for Separation Anxiety: How Do You Decide?

This presentation will walk participants through the process of deciding whether medication use is appropriate for separation anxiety cases, and how to make educated decisions between options. In addition to use of single pharmaceuticals such as fluoxetine and alprazolam, other treatments such as nutritional therapy, supplement use, herbal therapies, and combination therapies will be discussed as time allows.

Dr. Chris Pachel is a board-certified veterinary behaviorist and is the owner and lead clinician at the Animal Behavior Clinic in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Pachel lectures extensively both domestically and internationally, teaches courses at multiple veterinary schools in the United States, and has authored numerous articles and book chapters for veterinarians and pet owners. He is a sought-after expert witness for legal cases and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for dvm360. He is also a Vice-president of Veterinary Behavior for Instinct Dog Behavior and Training, as well as co-owner of Instinct Portland, which opened in the Fall of 2020.

The program will provide four (4) hours of high-quality continuing education. Registration is $99 for members, $149 for non-members. Registration closes on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

Register today at the WSVMA website.