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Legislative Alert! Take Action TODAY to protect the availability of animal medicines in WA!

January 27, 2023

House Bill (HB) 1131, if passed, will require that consumer packaging and paper products producers adhere to new requirements in order to cut down waste. It will set up minimum standards for postconsumer recycled content for various materials, including packaging for veterinary drugs, biologics, and vaccines. 

The legislation, if passed, would set up a nebulous process where a producer has to petition the state for exemptions for their individual products, thus putting at risk your ability to procure medications, vaccines, and biologics used in your practice. HB 1131 exempts flea and tick products from the requirements but sweeps in all other animal medicines.

Over 2,500 animal medicines that are regulated by the EPA, FDA, and USDA come with packaging that must be sterile or enclosed with tamper resistant seals to protect the public. Other factors that must be considered include protection against biological contamination, light, oxygen or temperature variations, and physical damage. Packaging of drugs also must be able to carry the correct information and identification as well as ensure it will be protective for the life of the product, and to ensure it won’t interfere with the product.

Having animal health companies subject to these requirements puts in danger our ability to get the necessary drugs we need in a timely manner, if at all, and it puts the health and safety of our state’s animals, citizens, and food supply at risk.

Please contact your legislator no later than Tues., Jan. 31, 2023 and ask them to exempt animal medicines from the requirements.


Please email legislators and tell them how important it is to exempt veterinary medicines from HB 1131. Use the sample letter below to send to all the members of the House Environment & Energy Committee listed below.

Note: Legislators dislike form letters, so personalizing the letter with information about you and your practice along with examples of how this puts your patients and the public at risk will gain greater attention.

[SAMPLE LETTER to copy and paste into email]:

Dear Representative [INSERT LAST NAME]:

As a veterinarian, I am writing to urge you to exempt animal drugs from HB 1131 Improving Washington’s solid waste management outcomes. While I’m supportive of efforts to reduce and manage waste in Washington, this bill puts in danger my ability to obtain the necessary drugs I need to treat my patients. This could have a detrimental risk to animal health and welfare, public health and our food supply.

Every day I use an extensive list of drugs to treat my patients for pain, infection, and a variety of medical conditions. Routine access to these drugs is critical to the health and welfare of my patients, the animals we all love and cherish.

Many diseases are zoonotic, such as rabies, meaning they also pose a risk to humans. If we can’t access and administer the vaccine due to a packaging disagreement between the state and the producer, it would be detrimental to the health of Washington’s pets and citizens.

Furthermore, our food supply is at risk if our livestock can’t be given the proper vaccinations and medications. In 2003, a cow from central Washington was diagnosed with another zoonotic disease, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, better known as Mad Cow Disease. Fifty countries banned U.S beef and thousands lost their jobs, affecting Washington’s economy far into the future.

Please take the critical step and exempt animal medicines from HB 1131 similar to the states of California, Oregon, and Colorado. The lives of pets and livestock depend on it.

Thank you for your attention.


[Address, City, Zip]

Send your letter to the following members of the House Environment & Energy Committee.

Rep. Liz Berry – [email protected]
Rep. Beth Doglio – [email protected]
Rep. Sharlett Mena – [email protected]
Rep. Mary Dye – [email protected]
Rep. Alex Ybarra – [email protected]
Rep. Peter Abbarno – [email protected]
Rep. Stephanie Barnard – [email protected]
Rep. Travis Couture – [email protected]
Rep. Davina Duerr – [email protected]
Rep. Jake Fey – [email protected]
Rep. Keith Goehner – [email protected]
Rep. Debra Lekanoff – [email protected]
Rep. Alez Ramel – [email protected]
Rep. Vendana Slatter – [email protected]
Rep. Chipalo Street – [email protected]

If any of these legislators are your representatives, we urge you to also call their offices. To determine your legislative district, visit Find Your District.


Posted January 27, 2023