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WSU Faculty Member of the Year

About the Award

The “WSU Faculty Member of the Year” award is presented to recognize a WSU faculty member who has served members of the WSVMA with distinction. Please describe specific accomplishments in the last three years that qualifies this person to be nominated for the “WSU Faculty Member of the Year” award. This individual does not have to be a WSVMA member. Nominations must be made by a WSVMA member.

Past Winners

2022      Dr. Claude Ragle

2021      Dr. Janean Fidel & Rance Sellon

2020      Dr. Katie Kuehl

2019      WSU Clinical Simulation Center

2018      WSU Cardiology Dept.

2017      James Meyer, RPh

2016      Dr. Stephan Hines

2015      Dr. Dale A. Moore

2014      Dr. Julie Cary

2012      Dr. Bryan Slinker

2011      Dr. Janean Fidel

2010      Dr. Terry McElwan

2008      Dr. Patricia Talcott

2007      Dr. Patrick Gavin

2006      Dr. John Gay

2005      Dr. Katrina Mealey

2004      Dr. Steven Parish

2003      Dr. Ahmed Tibary

2002      Dr. Erik Stauber

2000      Dr. Clive Gay

1999      Dr. Rance K. Sellon

1998      Dr. Michael P. Moore

1997      Dr. David D. Barbee

1996      Dr. Charles Leathers

1995      Dr. Robert Schneider

1994      Dr. Warwick M. Bayly

1993      Dr. James Evermann

1992      Dr. Ronald Sande

1991      Dr. James D. Lincoln