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Veterinarian of the Year

About the Award

The “WSVMA Veterinarian of the Year” award is presented in recognition of an outstanding career in veterinary medicine through local, state, or national veterinary associations. Contributions to their practice, community, and other professional endeavors are considered. A veterinarian receiving the “Veterinarian of the Year” award must be a WSVMA member. However, nominations can be made by a non-veterinarian or a non-member.

Past Winners

2022      Dr. Michael Murphy

2021      Dr. Sonnya Wilkins

2020      Dr. Brian Joseph

2019      Dr. Christine Wilford

2018      Dr. Victoria Smith

2017      Dr. Michael Bellinghausen

2016      Dr. Mary Kay Hilmoe

2015      Dr. Saundra Willis

2014      Dr. Richard DeBowes

2013      Dr. Leonard Eldridge

2012      Dr. Dan DeWeert

2011      Dr. Jayne Jensen

2010      Dr. Jerry Pospisil

2009      Dr. Jerold Gemar

2008      Dr. Brian Hunter

2007     Dr. Kenneth Sinibaldi

2006      Dr. Warwick Bayly

2005      Dr. Daniel Haskins

2004      Dr. Thomas Meyer

2003      Dr. Eugene Elefson

2002      Dr. Harmon Rogers

2001      Dr. Robert W. Mead

2000      Dr. G. Duskin

1999      Dr. John E. Alexander

1998      Dr. Borje K. Gustafsson

1997      Dr. John Q. Mitten

1996      Dr. Reilly P. Glore

1995      Dr. L. Everett Macomber

1994      Dr. John Bender

1993      Dr. William Yakely

1992      Dr. Robert P. Whitaker

1991      Dr. Edward Diamond

1990      Dr. Neil V. Follett

1989      Dr. Stanley B. Coe

1988      Dr. William C. Dolowy

1987      Dr. John R. Gorham

1986      Dr. Joseph D. Bergevin

1985      Dr. Howard G. Miller

1984      Dr. Vitt P. Ferrucci

1983      Dr. Thomas J. Guilfoil

1982      Dr. Arnold C. Slater

1981      Dr. LaVon M. Koger

1980      Dr. Leo K. Bustad

1979      Dr. Ray H. Bradbury

1978      Dr. Leon M. Bodie

1977      Dr. George D. Duby

1976      Dr. Walter C. Keck

1975      Dr. Richard L. Ott

1974      Dr. William F. Harris

1973      Dr. Philip S. Millard

1972      Dr. T. Robert Phelps

1971      Dr. Harold E. Warsinske

1970      Dr. George W. McNutt

1969      Dr. Philip J. Pfarr