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Regional Round-Up

June 27, 2024

Inland Empire VMA

The IEVMA has shared the following with its members:

The Spokane Health Regional District (SHRD) has issued a statement regarding the current highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks affecting dairy cattle and cats.

“An effective response to avian influenza hinges on more than just individual efforts. It requires seamless collaboration and coordination between stakeholders to combat avian influenza outbreaks and safeguard animal and public health. The information learned from the infected cattle, wildlife, poultry, and humans is evolving fast. We will continue providing information to veterinarians and the public as the situation develops. Currently we would like to offer PPE for farm workers or veterinarians if needed, if you have an animal that is suspected of avian influenza.

See article:  Avoid contact with sick or dead wild birds.

The SRHD Epidemiology team is happy to answer questions; please feel free to contact us.

SRHD main number 509-324-1442 | Lisa Jones [email protected] 509-475-3841

Tri-County VMA

Like many of us the Tri-County VMA is struggling to come up to speed on the new dog importation guidelines and shared the following Veterinary Information Network story on their Facebook page:  Bringing any dog into US gets more complex on Aug. 1