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DEI/Wellness Corner

June 27, 2024

DEIW Book Review by Irene Yen, MPH, DVM

Rich AF by Vivian Tu

Do you know two things they didn’t teach us in vet school? Relationships AND taxes (including money advice)!

The latter was one subject I had to frantically look up after working for half a year after graduation.

When was the last time you read a financial book? Within three years of graduation, I plodded through White Coat Investor, but it was honestly a little dated and I do not have a military background, so I could not take advantage of a VA home loan. While educational, a lot of the advice was difficult to relate to.

Since then, I have been feeling behind at every step on trying to maximize my money habits after spending 10 years in higher education and not earning much more than minimum wage before graduating from veterinary school.  While my financial situation has vastly improved since graduation, I have occasionally wondered if I was saving enough for retirement. But instead of doing my due diligence on my days off, I prioritized hiking.

Then Rich AF comes along. This is a financial book grounded in practical advice like how to make a budget, it’s ok to drink lattes, and don’t go all in on crypto. She has chapter titles such as “I Know My Worth”, “I Take Care of Future Me”, and “I Wasn’t Born Rich, but My Kids Will Be”. Vivian discusses how to make more money and how to invest in easy-to-understand lingo that did not make my eyes glaze over. The book also comes with electronic tools to help organize your finances. I was really inspired to make a budget and review my financial situation with better insight, planning, and hope. I hope this book helps you too!

I listened to the audiobook version through the free library app Libby narrated by the author herself.

There are a number of Spreadsheets, pdf guides and other resources that go with the book:

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