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Washington State Animal Health Foundation (WSAHF) Joins WA Gives

March 29, 2024

Washington Gives is an annual program designed to encourage giving to WA State non-profits. WSAHF is participating in WA Gives for the first time this year. To encourage giving to WSAHF the Board of WSAHF along with Board members from WSVMA have personally pledged $11,500 as a challenge fund. What this means is that if you donate to WSAHF Though the WA Gives site then your donations will be doubled. If you donate $25, then with the challenge fund, WSAHF will receive $50. These funds are used to pay for the emergency care program noted above. So many Vets tell us that access to this fund makes their lives so much better as it can allow for a care plan for a pet whose other options had become severely limited because of financial constraints.

Just in the last week WSAHF has funded two emergency procedures and contributed $1,000 to Seattle Veterinary Outreach Program. The Program had their ambulance stolen. The badly damaged ambulance was recovered but all of the medical supplies and equipment was stolen.