WSVMA PAC – How does it serve you?

Legislative advocacy is one of the most important benefits that you receive as a WSVMA member. No other veterinary organization is working to protect veterinary medicine at the state level.

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An active WSVMA- PAC gives us:

  • Political credibility
  • Access to relationship building
  • Opportunities to elect candidates who understand veterinary, animal and small business issues

Are you concerned about:

  • Scope of practice issues
  • Animal and public health
  • Animal welfare
  • Licensure issues
  • Taxes on veterinary services and other business issues
  • Pharmacy laws
  • Encroachment of animal rights groups dictating the practice of veterinary medicine
  • Non-economic damages
  • Ownership vs. guardianship
  • Veterinary education
  • Agricultural issues

Invest in your future. Invest in your profession.

Your annual $50 contribution allows the WSVMA-PAC to continue successfully advocating for veterinarians, veterinary medicine and animal health and welfare.

Read an article from the WSVMA Executive Vice President, Candace Joy, regarding your PAC contribution and involvement.

Note: All campaign contributions are non-partisan.