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Gallup Poll Shows Veterinarians are Trusted

June 14, 2024

A recently available Gallup Poll surveyed opinions on the perceptions of honesty and ethical standards amongst a wide range of occupational classifications.  The classifications ranged from Nurses (most trusted) to Members of Congress and Car Salespeople (least trusted).  Veterinarians were included as a class in this survey for the first time in 17 years during this most recent survey and they came in at a respectable 2nd place, sitting between Nurses and Engineers.  The trend data for the other medical professional survey showed a reduction in perceived trust over a four-year period.  Gallup notes that the trust in most medical professionals saw an improvement during the early stages of the Covid pandemic, but that this Trust has since fallen sharply.  Veterinarians were last included in this study in 2006, and the perceived overall trust in the Veterinary profession has reduced slightly over this 17 year period.  For more information see: Gallup Poll.