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Continuing Education Updates

March 8, 2024

Integrative Therapies for Canine Orthopedic and Neurologic Conditions – Review

Dr. Jessica Bunch, DVM, CCRT, CVA, provided a four-hour DVM Masterclass Intensive for WSVMA this last Sunday. The class, which commenced at noon, ran to nearly 5pm with a range of questions, and comments on this well-presented topic. Dr. Bunch broke her presentation int four main parts:

  • Integrative Therapies for Orthopedic Conditions of the Canine Forelimb
  • Integrative Therapies for Orthopedic Conditions of the Canine Hindlimb
  • Integrative Therapies for Neurologic Conditions – Part I
  • Integrative Therapies for Neurologic Conditions – Part II

Dr. Bunch noted that her overall approach to the dog presenting with lameness is to:

  • Try to find the cause of the lameness, which may be Orthopedic, Oncologic, or Neurologic.
  • Understand the history and signalment. This will include: any trauma, timing and progression; response to therapies, and the age, breed and activity of the dog.
  • Carrying out a thorough physical exam.
  • Understanding the owner’s goals and expectations, leading ultimately to a Treatment Plan.

For the balance of the presentation Dr. Bunch summarized the orthopedic and neurologic conditions that impact Canines. For each of the many conditions discussed, Dr. Bunch worked through the signs and symptoms, what she was feeling and looking for, diagnostic tests, and radiographic resources that can help with assessing the dog’s condition. She then talked about the standard range of treatments available, and the integrative therapies that can be applied.

The four separate recordings of this 4 ½ hour presentation can be found at the WSVMA On Demand Library.

Further Continuing Education Opportunities

Veterinarians – a Critical Link in the Prevention of Zoonotic and Vector Borne Diseases – March 19, 2024, from noon to 1.00pm

Dr. Beth Lipton, the State Public Health Veterinarian, will present this virtual one hour session at noon on March 19, 2024. This session is intended to increase knowledge of selected zoonotic and vector borne disease occurrence in people and common exposures in Washington state, emerging zoonotic diseases of concern in animals and people, to describe how state agencies work together on reportable animal diseases, and to provide ways to incorporate prevention messages for clients who might have exposure to zoonotic diseases.

Please click here to find out more or register for this event.

Practical Oncology Update – May 5, 2024 from noon to 4.00pm

Dr. Barbara Kitchell, will present this in person 4 hour DVM Masterclass Intensive on Sunday May 5, 2024 at the Renton Community College. As you all know cancers are all too common in our veterinary patients. For years, treatment strategies have been stagnant, but advances in diagnostic and treatment options are opening new horizons for therapy. In this session Dr. Kitchell will discuss new strategies that can be applied to cancers in both referral and private practice settings. The 4 hour Masterclass will be broken into focus areas as follows:

  • Treating Canine Melanoma
  • Mast Cell Tumor Updates
  • New Kids on the Block – Small Molecular Inhibitors in Veterinary Cancer Medicine
  • What’s New in Lymphoma?

Please click here to find out more or register for this event.

New In Person DVM Masterclass Intensive in Ellensburg, WA – Sunday June 2, 2024, from noon to 4.00pm.

Major Jeremy Gallman, the Veterinary Internship Clinical Instructor at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, will present this four-hour DVM Masterclass Intensive, on June 4, 2024. This in person CE opportunity will be held at Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA. The four-hour Intensive will be broken into three lectures as follows:

  • Canine Hypoadrenocorticism: Research-Driven Medicine
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis – Modern Threats and Management Strategies
  • Transferring Battlefield Canine Trauma Skills to General Practice

Save the date! Registration will open soon.