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October 15, 2021

The Washington State Animal Health Foundation is excited to share a new resource intended to help you better serve your clients who struggle with affording important veterinary treatment – The Vets Helping Pets Fund.

The Vets Helping Pets Fund will allow WSVMA members and their associates to advocate for clients in need and receive financial support to be able to provide needed care and treatment for their beloved animal companions. We understand that many families struggle to afford care and our goal is to create a robust partnership with veterinarians to not only address this issue but help bridge that gap in care. We have created a simple application form and a set of guidelines to help with case-selection. All we ask in return is for you to help us connect with these families so their stories and the power of their bond can be shared with our community.

If you have patients who you are considering for this type of assistance, here are a few of our eligibility guidelines:

  • Must be used for a one-time surgical or medical intervention that will improve the prognosis and well-being of the patient and is not meant for treating chronic conditions.
  • Cannot be used for a treatment that was rendered more than two weeks prior to submission of application.
  • May not be used for spay/neuter procedures unless spay/neuter is essential to the prognosis and/or relieving suffering of the animal (for example, pyometra).
  • Will take the animal’s age and other underlying issues under consideration to determine the Vets Helping Pets Veterinary Grant award.

Of course, what makes this program possible is the generous support of our donors and the WSVMA membership. Through their generosity, Vets Helping Pets can be there to help provide financial resources when it is needed most. You too can be part of this solution by making a donation to the Vets Helping Pets Fund today at

For more information on this new program, please visit There you can learn more about this exciting opportunity for Washington veterinarians and families, and access all supporting materials, including the complete guidelines, grant applications and case studies.

The Washington State Animal Health Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and the charitable arm of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association. The Board of Directors include Dr. Katie Kuehl, president, Dr. Kristen Kjellberg, vice president, Dr. Melanie Girard, Secretary, and Christie Cotterill, Virginia Piper, and Dr. Bryan Slinker, directors.

All donations are tax deductible.  Donations to support the program can be made conveniently online here.

We look forward to supporting you.

By Washington State Animal Health Foundation Board of Directors


Posted October 15, 2021