Dr. Melanie McCoury

Melanie McCoury

Statement of Candidacy

I have been a member of WSVMA since graduation and I have always been impressed by the multiple layers of support the WSVMA provides the Washington State veterinary community. I have always been thankful for the WSVMA Political Action Committee (PAC) representing veterinary interests in the legislature. Access to the WPHP is so important to help address the serious issues of addiction and suicide in the veterinary profession. In the past few years, the WSVMA has really stepped up and the quality of CE offerings including the annual convention and the Power of 10 programs are so impactful. I am proud to be a member of such a forward thinking group At this point in my career, I have time to give back and although I haven’t been very involved in WSVMA programs (short of being on some now defunct committees in the 90s) I am ready to help WSVMA in any way I can. I realize running for a board position is like jumping in the pool feet first, but I have the time and the motivation to help in any way I can. I am passionate about so many of the programs the WSVMA offers; mentoring new graduates, integration of innovation in the veterinary practice including telemedicine, suicide awareness and prevention in veterinary professionals and new graduate debt discussions. I am aware there will be a learning curve if elected, but I promise I will do my best to be useful to the group and help the WSVMA continue to support the Washington State veterinary community.

Candidate Biography

1988 Graduate of WSU CVM. 30 plus years in practice. I started in a mixed practice while doing shifts at a local ER for extra income. I moved to small animal exclusive practice and worked as an associate at couple of practices both privately and corporate owned. I was medical director at Five Corners for a few years and president of the corporate veterinary group that owned Five Corners. I learned a lot about team building, practice management and working in a group during that time. At the same time I was involved with a non-profit organization and organized their charity auction and edited their monthly newsletter (back in the day when the newsletter would arrive in the mail!)

I purchased Wilderness Animal Hospital in 2006 and used what I had learned from the corporate practice and in the non-profit world to build that practice. In 2017, I sold my practice to Lakefield Veterinary Group and moved into a leadership position as Director of Veterinary Support that I continue to hold to date.

I am Fear Free Elite Certified and Human Animal Bond Certified.