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Using Virtual Care to Solve Your Pandemic Workflow Woes

Triaging the Workflow

by Dr. Shlomo Freiman and Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

This three part series co-presented by Dr. Shlomo Frieman from Petriage and Dr. Jessica Vogelsang from The Virtual Veterinarian will help veterinary teams understand the multiple ways virtual care tools can improve workflows, drive revenue, and increase client loyalty that persists long after the COVID crisis is over. During these sessions, attendees will learn the following:

Friday, January 15: What’s The Pain
This hour will focus on the immediate challenges clinics are facing right now with COVID, curbside, and identify the main pain points that we are attempting to rectify with virtual care.

  • How COVID revealed long-standing inefficiencies in the cycle of care
  • What is allowed from a regulatory perspective and how clinics can select the right uses for these tools
  • What are the main pain points in practice currently
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Friday, January 22: What’s the Gain
This hour will lay the groundwork for virtual care implementation by identifying the main questions clinics need to answer before selecting a platform and process, demonstrate workflows, and give tips for implementation.

  • How to do a technology inventory and assess your individual needs before selecting a platform
  • How to create improved workflows to increase clinic efficiency improve patient outcomes, and enhance LTV of clients
  • How to implement these new processes while getting staff excited for change
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Friday, January 29: What Does Success Look Like?
This hour will discuss ROI in terms of clinic revenue, cost savings, efficiency, and client experience. We will also present several use cases and a Q & A session.

  • How to charge for virtual care visits
  • How to get staff and clinic buy-in
  • Charging for virtual visits
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Dr. Shlomo Freiman is a 1994 graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He grew up in a small, rural town in Israel, where the local vet lacked modern resources and technology, but was always there for his community. “I greatly enjoy building strong relationships with my clients. Helping them understand the often complex medical issues facing their beloved pets, and guiding them through all the choices and options available to them, is one of my most important and rewarding roles as a vet.

Dr. Freiman’s family includes a wife, two sons, and two granddaughters, as well as a Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier, both of whom accompany him to work every day. His hobbies include mountain biking, trail running, and reading. He is also an avid theater and movie-goer.

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is a veterinarian, bestselling author, and communications consultant from San Diego, California. As the founder of Pawcurious Media back in 2009, she was one of the first veterinarians to enter into the telehealth space and learn by trial and error how the internet was going to impact the profession. In that time she reached hundreds of thousands of pet owners around the world, wrote a bestselling memoir, and served as medical director for WhiskerDocs, a premier veterinary teletriage service. After a decade of writing and lecturing about client empowerment, she looks to virtual care as the next means to enhance the client-veterinary bond. In 2020 she launched the Veterinary Telemedicine Facebook Community and The Virtual Veterinarian. She currently sits on the boards of the Mark Morris Institute and the Veterinary Virtual Care Association.

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