WSVMA Strategic Plan

WA Veterinarian Magazine

Governance Update

Mar/Apr 2015

At the end of 2014, the WSVMA Board of Directors finalized our strategic goals and accompanying objectives. The Board chose five goals that will not only strengthen our ability to carry out the WSVMA’s mission but they’ll also help us work towards achieving our vision.

These five goals will permeate everything we do at the WSVMA and they’ll affect the decisions made by the Board and operations. While the goals may not be new, they’ll allow us to focus on areas where we need to accomplish the greatest change. In addition, the annual budget will align with the goals and objectives to help us ensure long-term vitality of the Association.

As we satisfy each objective, the Board will constantly evaluate the need to add new objectives through a dynamic environmental scanning process. The plan never gets stale because it’s always being evaluated and updated as necessary to keep us in alignment with our mission and vision.

 Mission:  Advancing the cause of veterinary medicine to better the lives of those touched by it.

Vision:  Inspiring, supporting and advocating for a passionate and thriving veterinary community.

GOAL #1:


To address political, economic, personal and professional needs of WA veterinarians. Through advocacy, we aim to protect the profession and individuals as challenges arise.

  1. Address WA counties’ efforts to institute mandatory reporting of rabies vaccines.
  2. Have a fully funded and functional Political Action Committee.
  3. Establish PR/marketing efforts to help drive clients to practice.
  4. Promote WSVMA office as a resource to call with questions, needs, etc.

GOAL #2:


To be the voice that connects animal issues to Washington veterinarians, owners, regulators and legislators. To be the clearinghouse of Washington-centric, timely, filtered, easily and readily accessible information. To be the hub for reference materials, people, businesses and agencies.

  1. Establish robust environmental scanning process.
  2. Review website for content needs and organization (shared objective with Technology).
  3. Determine member value of using online forums and other interactive capabilities.
  4. Determine WSVMA’s social media usage strategy.
  5. Review WA Veterinarian magazine for continued viability – in conjunction with evaluating delivery of news and information.
  6. Communicate value to members, non-members and students.

GOAL #3:


To keep the membership and board relevant.

  1. Determine how to make the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference the highest value for veterinarians, students, staff and vendors.
  2. Conduct evaluation of WSVMA CE programs to ensure they provide high value for members.
  3. Develop annual Issues Forum program and plan first event.
  4. Enhance use of technology to deliver quality CE (shared objective with Technology).

GOAL #4:


To serve our members.

  1. To make membership so attractive that everyone wants to join.
  2. Examine the potential of new membership models.
  3. Increase value of membership.
  4. Implement Power of Ten program for emerging leaders.
  5. Begin membership program for practice managers.
  6. Improve our ability to listen and respond to members

GOAL #5:


To ensure the WSVMA is using available technologies to enhance member value.

  1. Review website for content needs and organization (shared objective with Communications).
  2. Continue offering the conference app for iPhone, and add platform for Android users.
  3. Enhance use of technology to deliver quality CE (shared objective with Education).
  4. Utilize a video conferencing service for board meetings that also can provide webcast options for the future.
  5. Keep our WSVMA office outfitted with the necessary technology equipment to achieve our strategic goals and manage our organization.
  6. Create an App with links to our website, newsfeed, and text/email links.

Work is already underway and members are needed for short-term volunteer engagements.  We’ll make announcements to the membership via email and the website asking for interested members to serve on various short-term task forces or one to two-person assignments.  We’ll also conduct surveys to get your feedback. We’ll endeavor to keep the surveys brief, but your input is important as we move forward.

Members will be kept apprised as we satisfy our objectives and add new ones. We invite feedback and hope that you’ll keep us informed if there’s anything you feel the Board should consider for new objectives.

As a reminder, the WSVMA is you. We’re not an organization made up of a chosen few, but an entire family of colleagues working together to better our profession, ourselves, and each other.