Relief Veterinarians Available

Dr. Douglas Anderson
WSU ‘94
(360) 249-3550
[email protected]

Dr. Veeda Angell
WSU ’04
King, Snohomish, Pierce and Thurston Cos.
(509) 432-3225
[email protected]

Dr. Bela Belle
Tufts ’97
ER, SA Medicine/Surgery, PT
(425) 770-3193

Dr. Adrienne Bennett
UC Davis ‘04
SA medicine/surgery/dentistry
Skagit and Whatcom counties, San Juan Islands, Eastern peninsula
(425) 233-5104
[email protected]

Dr. Jennifer C. Bennett
Wisconsin ‘08
SA Soft tissue surgery, shelter medicine surgery, volume spay/neuter services
King, Snohomish, and Skagit Counties
(707) 775-9334
[email protected]

Dr. Michael Brands
Minnesota, ’12
Small animal medicine and surgery
Seattle and surrounding areas
(530) 615-7699
[email protected]

Dr. Jana Braun
Wisconsin, ‘12
SA medicine, some exotics
King County and surrounding areas
(971) 260-0056
[email protected]

Dr. Jon Bruhn
Purdue, ‘81
SA Medicine and Surgery
Snohomish and King Counties
(425) 478-4073
[email protected]

Dr. Shauna Carroll
UC Davis, ‘93
SA Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry
South and Central King/N. Pierce Counties
(206) 434-7418
[email protected]

Dr. Amy Eilbeck
University of Georgia, ‘93
SA and Equine medicine and surgery
Statewide, can provide own lodging
(360) 791-1728
[email protected]

Dr. Michael Ericson
UCD ‘80
SA Medicine
Western Washington
(425) 281-6301
[email protected]

Dr.Karam Eshak
ECFVG program, ‘14
SA Medicine (mostly dogs and cats)
Seattle, North Seattle, Everett area
(425) 346-3497
[email protected]

Dr. Tracy Fuelleman
University of Minnesota ’89
SA medicine and acupuncture
Greater Puget Sound area
(206) 683-0960
[email protected]

Dr. Lilly Ho
U of MN  ‘02
SA Medicine & Surgery
HQHV – spay neuter
King, Snohomish and Pierce
[email protected] (preferred)
(206) 849-5186

Dr. Jocelyn Hutton
UC Davis ‘13
SA Medicine/Surgery or ECC
Greater Puget Sound
(608) 438-4698
[email protected]

Dr. Emily Jewell
Liverpool ’98
SA General Medicine & Surgery
Seattle and surrounding, Walla Walla and surrounding
(206) 579-1012
[email protected]

Dr. Kathy Johnson
Ohio State `83
Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties
(360) 659-7252
[email protected]

Dr. Rebecca Johnson
OSU / WSU ‘94
SA Medicine
Greater Puget Sound area
(206) 719-2056
[email protected]

Dr. Darlene King
WSU ’98
Snohomish and King County area
(425) 344-7996
[email protected]

Dr. Jamelyn Kyser
University of Georgia, ’10
SA ER/CC (cats, dogs)
King, Snohomish, Pierce counties; for multiple/consecutive shifts, farther WA and CA considered
[email protected]

Dr. Lori Maness
Tufts, ‘92
Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish Counties
(307) 277-8819
[email protected]

Dr. Amanda H. McNabb
Tennessee ‘02
ER/CC, SA medicine/surgery, shelter medicine, HQ/HV spay/neuter
King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Skagit
(425) 343-2815
[email protected]

Dr. Cheryl Meyers
MSU ’96
Small Animal Medicine, Surgery & Dentistry
Greater Puget Sound area
(206) 683-0685
[email protected]

Dr. Gary Miller
WSU ’84
WA, OR, Northern ID, Western MT
(509) 248-7398
[email protected]

Dr. Emily Moren
WSU ’08
Small Animal Medicine, Surgery, Day ER/CC
Pierce and South King County Areas
(206) 549-9118
[email protected]

Dr. Laura L. Neal
Illinois ’96
Small Animal Medicine, Surgery, Day ER/CC
Western Washington
[email protected]

Dr. Kathryn Okawa
WSU ’81
SA, Small mammals
(425) 870-7088
[email protected]

Dr. Pamela Powell
WSU ‘82
SA, HQHV spay-neuter
Western Washington, short notice OK
(253) 229-7816
[email protected]

Dr. William Riley
Texas A&M, ‘00
Small Animal Medicine
Within 60 miles of Silverdale, or further with travel expenses
(360) 550-3012
[email protected]

Dr. Michael Ryan
WSU ’84
SA Medicine and Surgery
Kitsap and West Sound region
[email protected]

Dr. Aja Senestraro CVA
WSU ’14
SA Medicine, some exotics, Mixed practice, Integrative medicine
King, South Snohomish, North Pierce counties
[email protected]

Dr. Timarie Simmons
Oklahoma ‘98
Small Animal
Seattle and some travel
(703) 606-3300
[email protected]

Dr. Amy Small
Glasgow ‘88
SA Medicine/Surgery
Central and Eastern Washington & Idaho
(509) 420-3554 (text or leave message)
[email protected]

Dr. Hank Snelgrove, CTCVMP
UCD ‘81
Integrative Small Animal Practice: medicine, dentistry, surgery, acupuncture, and TCVM herbal therapy
Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas and Central and Western Washington
(360) 301-0096
[email protected]

Dr. HanLin Song
TAMU ’12
SA Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry
Western Washington
(832) 877 – 2588
[email protected]

Dr. Amanda Sorensen
WSU, ’06
Small animal medicine and acupuncture
Greater Seattle Area
(206) 818-5179
[email protected]

Dr. Rachel Snyder
WSU, ‘13
SA Medicine
King, Pierce, Snohomish Co.
Mondays and Tuesday
(360) 259-9191
[email protected]

Dr. John Stevenson
WSU 79
Small animal medicine
Grays Harbor, Pacific, Thurston, Lewis counties.
(360) 249-3755 or (360) 590-3471
[email protected]

Dr. Robert Vanderpol
WSU ’65
SA medicine and surgery – internship trained
Washington State
(206) 498-7055

Dr. Evelyn Wilson
WSU ’90, ABVP canine & feline med.
Small animal medicine, surgery, dentistry, E.R. and exotics Snohomish, King, Skagit and Whatcom counties.
(360) 631-2400
[email protected]

Dr. Lindsay Wiser
WSU ‘11
SA Medicine/Surgery
Seattle & surrounding areas
(425) 780-5614
[email protected]

Dr. Heather Woodke
WSU 2002
SA Medicine, Surgery, ER, Mobile Small Ruminant
Western Washington
(509) 990-8854
[email protected]

Dr. Mollie Zaback
Louisiana State ’14
Small Animal Medicine/Surgery and Some Exotics
Greater Seattle and Tri-cities area with travel compensation
(504) 931-7948
[email protected]

Dr. Michelle Zachry
Purdue ‘02
SA, Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry, ER/CC,
Public Health/Food Safety/Security
Fast paced customer care oriented
Kitsap County and surrounding areas
(425) 691-9776
[email protected]

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