Relief Veterinarians Available

Dr. Samir A’agha
Iowa State, ’15
Small animal medicine, surgery and dentistry
Fluent in Spanish and English
[email protected]

Dr. Jennifer Bennett
Univ. of Wisconsin ‘08
Shelter medicine, high volume S/N, small animal (including rabbits and pocket pets) surgery and dentistry
Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties
(707) 775-9334
[email protected]

Dr. Wendy Bernstein
UC Davis ‘89
SA Medicine
Certified Canine Rehab Therapist (CCRT)
King and Snohomish Counties
(425) 890-8412
[email protected]

Dr. Evelyn Bittner
Michigan State,‘91
SA General Medicine, Surgery & Dentistry.
Greater Seattle/ Eastside area.
(206) 799-1349
[email protected]

Dr. Michael Borin
MSU ‘78
SA Medicine and Surgery
Snohomish and King Counties
(425) 753-2470
[email protected]

Dr. Michael Brands
Minnesota, ’12
Small animal medicine and surgery
Seattle and surrounding areas
(530) 615-7699
[email protected]

Dr. Deborah Bushey
LSU, ‘06
Small Animal Medicine (No dentistry or surgery)
King and Snohomish Counties
[email protected]

Dr. Valerie Carlin
UC Davis ‘14
SA GP and Shelter Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry
Thurston, Pierce (inc. Gig Harbor), & King Counties
[email protected]

Dr. Shauna Carroll
UC Davis, ‘93
SA Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry
South and Central King/N. Pierce Counties
(206) 434-7418
[email protected]

Megen Cummings
Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine
General , Emergency Medicine, Small/Large Animals, Exotics and Pocket Pets
Flexible on traveling
(856) 628-3243
[email protected]

Dr. Michael Dow
U of Illinois, ’16
Kitsap Peninsula and surrounding area
[email protected]

Dr. Pamela Edwards
Colorado State ‘06
Small animal & Exotics
ST surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, shelter
Seattle & greater area
(970) 391-2965
[email protected]

Dr. Amy Eilbeck
UGA, ’93
SA ER only
Former practice owner
Immediate and thanksgiving availability
(360) 791-1728
[email protected]

Dr. Michael Ericson
UCD ‘80
SA Medicine
Western Washington
(425) 281-6301
[email protected]

Dr. Meghan Erickson
Ross ’16
SA GP/CC/ER (dogs and cats)
King, Snohomish, Kitsap Counties
For multiple/consecutive shifts, farther WA considered
(206) 705-3804
[email protected]

Dr. Fernando Fukuzato
OSU ’05
SA Medicine/Surgery/ER
King and Snohomish counties
(206) 653-4392
[email protected]

Christina Gray, DVM
WSU, ’04
Small animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry
Within 1 hour of Tacoma
Will travel for longer assignments
(253) 226-8952
[email protected]

Dr. Nina Griffin
UGA ’15
SA ER/Urgent/Surgery/GP
Snohomish and King counties; Additional areas considered
[email protected]

Dr. Lilly Ho
U of MN  ‘02
SA Medicine & Surgery
HQHV – spay neuter
Seattle Metro
[email protected]

Dr. Kayla Hough
SMU 2018
SA medicine, surgery, dentistry
HQHV – spay and neuter
Snohomish, King (limited), may travel
[email protected]

Dr. Emily Jewell
Liverpool ’98
SA General Medicine & Surgery
Seattle and surrounding, Walla Walla and surrounding
(206) 579-1012
[email protected]

Dr. Brittany Johnson
Ross ’16
SA GP/ER (dogs and cats)
King, Snohomish, Skagit counties
For multiple/consecutive shifts, farther WA considered
[email protected]

Dr. Kathy Johnson
Ohio State `83
Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties
(425) 244-3281
[email protected]

Dr. Rebecca Johnson
OSU / WSU ‘94
SA Medicine
Greater Puget Sound area
(206) 719-2056
[email protected]

Dr. George A. Khalil
ECFVG 2019, Cairo University 2004.
Small animal medicine, surgery, Basic Dentistry, and rehabilitation.
Snohomish county and parts of king county. ( Everett, Lynnwood, Bothell, Edmunds, Kenmore, North Seattle, shoreline, Kirkland, Bellevue, Woodinville, MillCreek and Snohomish )
[email protected]

Dr. Amin Khanof
IAU, ‘07
SA Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry
King and Snohomish counties
[email protected]

Dr. Darlene King
WSU ’98
Snohomish and King County area
(425) 344-7996
[email protected]

Dr. Kristen Kjellberg
Texas A&M 2013
Small animal: GP, ER, shelter, HQHVSN
Cat Friendly
Western King County
[email protected]

Dr. Jamelyn Kyser
University of Georgia ’10
SA ER/CC only (cats, dogs)
King, Snohomish, Pierce counties
For multiple/consecutive shifts, farther WA and CA considered
[email protected]

Dr. Lori Maness
Tufts, ‘92
Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, Pacific, Grays Harbor, Mason and Wahkiakum Counties
Telemedicine relief to veterinary practices in Washington
(307) 277-8819
[email protected]

Dr. Zach Marcus
RVC, ’15
SA ECC, GP. Limited surgery. No dentistry. Home Euthanasia. Thorough, Koala-ty Care. (Fun, too!)
Greater Puget Sound. Will travel further.
[email protected]

Dr. Amanda H. McNabb
Tennessee ‘02
ER/CC, SA medicine/surgery, shelter medicine, HQ/HV spay/neuter
King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Skagit
(425) 312-3727
[email protected]

Dr. Gary Miller
WSU ’84
WA, OR, Northern ID, Western MT
(509) 248-7398
[email protected]

Dr. Heidi Miller
University of Missouri ‘99
SA medicine, surgery, and dentistry
King and Snohomish county
(206) 739-8170
[email protected]

Dr. Jeffrey W. Miller
UC Davis ’74
SA Surgery
Thurston and Lewis Counties
(360) 273-7838
[email protected]

Dr. Kathryn Okawa
WSU, ’81
Short notice okay
(425) 870-7088
[email protected]

Dr. Ame Panjeti
UGA ’14
SA medicine/surgery and ER
King and Snohomish County
[email protected]

Dr. Pamela Powell
WSU ‘82
SA, HQHV spay-neuter
Kitsap Key and Olympic Peninsula to Tacoma preferred
(253) 229-7816
[email protected]

Dr. William Riley
Texas A&M, ‘00
Small Animal Medicine
Within 60 miles of Silverdale, or further with travel expenses
(360) 550-3012
[email protected]

Dr. Timarie Simmons
Oklahoma ‘98
Small Animal
Seattle and some travel
(703) 606-3300
[email protected]

Dr. Amy Small
Glasgow ‘88
SA Medicine/Surgery
Central and Eastern Washington & Idaho
(509) 420-3554 (text or leave message)
[email protected]

Dr. Hank Snelgrove, CTCVMP
UCD ‘81
Integrative Small Animal Practice: medicine, dentistry, surgery, acupuncture, and TCVM herbal therapy
Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas and Central and Western Washington
(360) 301-0096
[email protected]

Dr. Stephanie Stoegbauer
VA Polytechnic ‘07
SA medicine and surgery
King and Snohomish County
(206) 465-3902
[email protected]

Dr. Joelle Sweeney
UC Davis, ’15
Primary small animal and exotic mammal and reptile medicine, spay/neuter, mass removal surgery
Seattle area
[email protected]

Dr. Daylin Taylor
Minnesota, 2013
Small Animal general practice and acupuncture
Kittitas County, Yakima County, Grant County
Spokane if multiple consecutive days,
Northern Idaho is multiple consecutive days
(818) 317-9924
[email protected]

Dr. Seana Thrasher
UGA, ‘99
Whatcom, Skagit, and Snohomish counties
(604) 823-4195
[email protected]

Dr. Robert Vanderpol
WSU ’65
SA medicine and surgery – internship trained
Washington State
(206) 498-7055

Dr. Maia Vo
Tufts ‘02
SA, shelter, pain mgmt., acupuncture, AAFP, USDA (companion & equine)
Greater Seattle area.
(617)  453-8986
[email protected];

Dr. Madison Walsh
Mississippi State ’12
SA ER and GP
Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey, Tacoma
[email protected]

Dr. Natalie Warren
CSU, ’99
Small animal medicine, dentistry, some surgery
Port Orchard and north, West Seattle; Additional areas considered
[email protected]

Dr. Teri Weronko
Univ of TN, ‘94
Day Emergency, SA Medicine and Surgery, K9 Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
Licensed in WA, OR & AK; will travel for longer term relief Greater Puget Sound, Portland, Corvallis, Central OR, all areas Alaska
[email protected]

Dr. Andrew Wicklund
WSU ’15
SA Medicine/Dentistry/Surgery
Greater Puget Sound Area
[email protected]

Dr. Evelyn Wilson
WSU ’90, ABVP canine & feline med.
Small animal medicine, surgery, dentistry, E.R. and exotics Snohomish, King, Skagit and Whatcom counties.
(360) 631-2400
[email protected]

Dr. Heather Woodke
WSU 2002
SA Medicine, Surgery, ER, Mobile Small Ruminant
Western Washington
(509) 990-8854
[email protected]

Dr. Thomas Wootton
Cornell University, 2018
Small animal medicine, surgery, dentistry, daytime ER
King, Snohomish, Pierce counties
(415) 302-2164
[email protected]

Dr. Jillian Yancey
WSU ’04
Small animal medicine and surgery
Snohomish, King, and Pierce Counties
(253) 370-4705
[email protected]

Dr. Irene Yen, MPH
Ross 2017
SA Medicine/Surgery/ER
Shelter med/High Volume S/N
Seattle and surrounding, willing to travel
Licensed in WA & CA
[email protected]

Dr. Carlyn Zylstra
WSU, ’12
SA General Practice (no dentistry or surgery) and ER
King, Pierce, Thurston, Lewis, and Snohomish counties
[email protected]

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