Rewarding Employees 
without Breaking the Bank

Sure, everyone enjoys a little extra money. However, financial incentives are not always feasible. How can you make your employees feel appreciated other than financial incentives? Here are some suggestions:  

Appreciation days: Once a month, have an employee of the month. Encourage other staff members and clients to tell him/her why they think he or she is amazing.

Positivity box: Keep a comment box ONLY for positive things. Write notes for specific instances where a team member stepped up and truly helped the clinic, team or a specific client. Read them monthly in front of everyone and whoever get the most, receives some other award.

Birthdays/Anniversaries: Cakes, cookies and cards. Help them celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

Advancing skills: Develop a plan for your employees on how to develop new skills or improve their existing ones.

Appreciate their input: Seasoned technicians often know more about treatments/diagnoses than a new veterinarian. Even a more experienced veterinarian misses things, so asking for input and respecting his/her opinion can help them feel needed.

Recognize unique contributions: If someone is the best fractious cat wrangler, or the quickest dental radiographer, find some way to acknowledge their skills

Brag to their moms: Although it might seem silly, particularly for your young employees who are still living at home, telling their parents what a great job they are doing can brighten everyone’s day.

Be humble: We all have tough days. If you are short or rude, apologize.

Say hello: Greet everyone by name in the morning.

Say thank you: Acknowledge daily the assistance they all contributed.