Using Technology

Why should we use technology to communicate?
For many practices, routine communication with clients can be much more efficient with the use of technology. The days of your front office calling clients and confirming appointments for hours should be long gone. Although not every client will want email/text updates or reminders, the majority of clients will. Automated reminders free up staff time, reduce no shows and increase compliance of care. By freeing up staff time it will allow your staff the time needed to interact and connect with clients when they are in front of them in person. Building a better relationship with the clinic will increase your retention of clients as well as overall satisfaction of care. An individual is much more likely to read a text message they receive and respond then they are to respond to a phone call or an email, thus increasing communications. 99% of text and emails are read and 95% are read within 3 minutes. Not only will your staff save time it will also save your clients time because they can respond at the most opportune time for them which may be before or after your clinic has closed.

What should we communicate?
– Use for appointment reminders – can add instructions on fasting needed for bloodwork, pre-surgical recommendations, request owner bring stool sample/medications, etc.
–  Update owners on in-hospital patients or surgeries
–  Confirmation of appointments and discharge times
–  Alert when medications are ready to pick up – include office hours and telephone number
–  Utilize templates to speed use and keep consistent recommendations

How do I implement technology in my practice?
Utilize services that can set up text or email reminders – every practice will be different in which service they utilize and why but here are some highlights:

Avimark Rapport
– Reminders via text, email or voice message from text you enter
– Merges directly into the medical record
– Client’s responses are sent to clinic email
How Rapport’s Client Communication tools can help your practice – YouTube
Avimark Rapport website

Idexx Pet Health Network Pro
– Integrates with cornerstone
– Can automatically set up reminder texts
– If client confirms the appointment via text or email it will automatically show confirmed on your appointment calendar
Idexx/Cornerstone website

– Reminders via email or text for appointments, future visits needed & medication reminders that clients can set up for their pets such as flea medication, heart worm prevention, ect.
– Thank you email feature after appointments – can link satisfaction survey, social media links and subscriptions – can add specific note to client if needed as well
vetStreet website

– Uses present land line for 2 way text communications
– Can send auto replies to clients, can schedule to send texts at later date
– Download directly into record
– Can send and receive photos and place in record
Moses Lake Vet Clinic: Utilizing Zipwhip to Help their Clients and Critters – YouTube
ZipWhip website

– App on smartphone – pet portal system
– Integrates with virtually all major practice management systems.
– Push notifications, email, text messages and postcards
– Can market emails based on patient information such as breed, age or time since their last visit
– Allows online booking and medication refill requests – also has online pharmacy
–  VitusVet website

Did you know?
If you allow online scheduling you can increase revenue by 15 percent.

Source: Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions