Ready Vet Go! Podcast

Living Your Best Veterinary Life

Ready Vet Go! is a wellness podcast produced by the Washington State Power of Ten 2018-2019 class. This podcast series covers important aspects of wellbeing to better educate and empower all veterinarians.

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Dr. Richard DeBowes Client
Education and Communication

Interview conducted by: Dr. Raina Penn with assistance from Dr. Blair de Vries

Communicating with and educating clients can be one of the most rewarding, challenging, and frustrating daily tasks. However, when used correctly and routinely, these efforts are sure to pay off. Tune in to the interview with Dr. Richard DeBowes as he and Dr. Raina Penn discuss the value of client education and communication within the profession.



A Case of Severe Cyberbullying
with Dr. Abby Whiting

Interview conducted by: Dr. Jamie Peterson

Dr. Abby Whiting discusses a significant cyberbullying experience that impacted her hospital and changed the course of her career. Working in conjunction with other champions of veterinary well-being, she’s creating a cyberbullying toolkit to help veterinarians handle these targeted digital attacks.



An Expert’s Guide with
Dr. Andy Roark

Interview conducted by: Dr. Courtney Wiese

A discussion with well-known veterinarian Dr. Andy Roark about how to deal with feedback you are given and how to give effective feedback.



Student Loans with
Dr. Tony Bartels

Interview conducted by: Dr. Melissa Boyer

One of the biggest topics in the veterinary world and a huge stressor and many of our lives is student debt. Join Dr. Tony Bartels as he discusses the current state of veterinary-related debt, the different types of student loans and their associated repayment plans, and resources available to us to better understand our debt and how to manage it. Debt is a reality in our industry but learning about the options for repayment allow us to prepare for a thriving financial future.



Money Management with
Darby Affeldt, DVM

Interview conducted by: Dr. Melissa Boyer

What are your financial goals in life? Learn more about how to turn these goals into reality with Darby Affeldt, DVM, a veterinary-specific financial advisor. Join us as we discuss financial health in the veterinary industry and learn more about financial advising and what to look for when evaluating professional services.



When to Be a Leader & When to Be a Friend in a
Small Close-Knit Group with Dr. Marguerite Pappaioanou

Interview conducted by: Dr. Jen Stonequist with assistance from Dr. Makensie Santiago

In this segment, the focus is not only on veterinary leadership, but the specific situation many small practices face being a small and close team. The ability to effectively lead a productive and happy team when you are not only professional colleagues, but great friends or even family. Dr. Pappaioanou discusses many situations and lessons learned early on in her career leading teams within veterinary medicine. Dr. Pappaioanou discusses leadership in a multitude of veterinary career fields that can be expanded into many of the situations we face as veterinary professionals working in small clinic settings.



Mindfulness and Stress Management
with Dr. Laura Baltadano

Interview conducted by: Dr. Shawna Wedde

In this episode, Dr. Shawna Wedde, a 2018-19 WSVMA Power of Ten Member, interviews Dr. Laura Baltodano, a veterinarian and a certified health and wellness coach and mindfulness teacher. They discuss ways in which veterinary professionals can help to reduce stress in their daily lives, with special focus given to the practice of mindfulness.



Work Life Balance – Does it Even Exist?
With Dr. Gary Marshall

Interview conducted by: Dr. Sarah Blackburn and Dr. Stelian Fuduli

Wondering about where to start with getting your life in order? We as veterinarians have heard that work-life balance is important, but quite frankly it does not seem realistic for most of our situations. How can you balance work with the things you love? In this podcast we interview Dr. Gary Marshall, a veterinarian and owner of Island Cats Veterinary Hospital in Mercer Island, WA, and discuss how he has determined strategies to integrate work in with the rest of his life as a veterinarian, practice owner, husband and dad. We hope that this podcast will help you find your own balance.