A “short and sweet” reminder about pre-booking appointments

  |   Practice Management

“We’ve tried to pre-book appointments with clients, but it’s not working.”   We have received a few calls like this and what we have learned is that the success of pre-booking is determined in how it is communicated.  It is ineffective to ask a client if they want to book their next appointment.  For example, Mrs. Smith and Fluffy are paying their invoice and the receptionist asks Mrs. Smith “Can I book you for your wellness exam next year?”  Mrs. Smith...

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Veterinary Professional Mental Health Research Study

  |   Wellness

You are being invited to participate in a research study about mental health experiences and attitudes toward seeking mental health services among veterinary professionals. This study is being conducted by Kerry Karaffa, PhD and Tamara Hancock, DVM, MS, DACVP, PhD. Dr. Karaffa is a licensed psychologist and Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator for the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Hancock is a veterinarian and Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri. This study will provide...

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Political animals wanted

  |   Legislative

Well, not really, but we are in need of members who share an interest in veterinary issues as they intersect with the legislative process. 2018 is an election year and not just at the federal level. Elections for statewide offices are heating up. Members contribute money to the WSVMA-Political Action Committee (PAC) which is used to support candidates in the election that are friendly to veterinary issues, animal welfare and small business. For both the primary and the general election, the...

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Seeking nominations for WSVMA Humane Animal Welfare Award

  |   WSVMA News

The WSVMA is seeking nominations for the “Humane Animal Welfare” award which is presented to a non-veterinarian or organization who has advanced animal welfare through extraordinary service. Do you know someone who has dedicated their lives to animal welfare, perhaps someone who started an equine therapy program, runs a successful dog or cat rescue, or provides extraordinary service for the wellbeing of animals?  The WSVMA wants to recognize these individuals and organizations. Download and complete the form and include a thorough...

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This Week’s Helpful Links

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Washington Animal Health Officials Confirm EHV-1 in King County – TheHorse.com Why decisions to desex male dogs just got more complicated – The Conversation Having to give up pets to get into low income housing or shelters – KIRO7 Breeding wolverine heralds comeback in Washington’s Cascades – Seattle Times The Importance of Onboarding and Training – VMC, Inc.   Posted May 11, 2018...

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