In memoriam

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Dr. James F. Ward (WSU, ’58) passed away at his home in Surprise, AZ on February 16 at the age of 84. Dr. Ward spent most of his life in Washington. Following graduation, he practiced large animal medicine in Othello for a brief time before moving to Lynnwood and starting Alderwood Veterinary Clinic. Beginning as a mixed animal practice in the 1960’s, it eventually became solely a small animal clinic in the 1980’s because of the growing population. Dr. Ward...

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Attracting New Clients

  |   Practice Management

If the number of new clients is low for a practice, management teams may be quick to jump to lack of marketing to blame when in fact, it may be due to marketing effectiveness and lack of staff training. Before investing marketing dollars into various outlets in an effort to attract new clients, consider the following: Client recommendations. According to a 2017 survey distributed to over 10,000 pet owning Ontario households, 37 per cent of pet owners selected their current veterinarian...

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This Week’s Helpful Links

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State provides $100,000 to remove cows killed in Yakima Valley blizzard – Seattle Times Elk hoof disease confirmed in Washington's Blue Mountains - The Spokesman-Review How Antibiotics for Pets Can Make You Sick  - CDC finds improper handling of chemotherapy drugs  - Today's Veterinary Business Magazine Pet Insurance Comparison Chart – DVM360 Can Chronic Wasting Disease Be Passed to Humans?  - U.S. News & World Report   Posted March 1, 2019...

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Frequently asked questions about the humane society legislation

  |   Legislative

The Humane Society legislation from 2018 has been amended and is back before the legislature for consideration. Senate Bill (SB) 5004, if passed, will allow humane societies to provide full veterinary services to low income pet owners. During the 2018 legislative session, the WSVMA asked the Senate Healthcare Committee to not act on the bill so that the WSVMA could hear from our members and have the opportunity to meet with the bill proponents. The Committee agreed as long as we...

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WSVMA’s VetMed Matters Conference to focus on opioids

  |   Continuing Education

The WSVMA VetMed Matters Conference taking place on Saturday, March 16 in Renton, WA will focus on the opioid epidemic, its effects on veterinary medicine, and the use of opioids to treat pain in animals. Speakers include experts from King County Opioid Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the WA Prescription Monitoring Program. In addition, Dr. Tammy Grubb, veterinary anesthesiologist from WSU, will present Why Are We Opioid-Depending for Patient Analgesia? Why Other Options Might Be Better.  Dr. Lisa...

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