Take Control and Get Your Clients Back

  |   Practice Management

If client numbers are down and it feels like your practice is spiraling out of control - don’t panic!  Follow these three simple steps to help put you back in control and your clients back on track. Establish Goals: When client appointments are scarce, it’s time to set some goals to work towards.  Decide what the specific team goal will be in terms of filling up the schedule.  For example, set a goal of having each day’s schedule 70% booked...

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This Week’s Helpful Links

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FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed One Lot of Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Due to Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes - FDA Spokane veterinarian stresses importance of brushing your pet's teeth - KREM.com Suicides among veterinarians has become a growing problem - Washington Post Rare Strain of Bovine Tuberculosis Found in North Dakota Beef Herd – Bovine Veterinarian The Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act Is Signed Into Law – Today’s Veterinary Nurse   Posted January 25, 2019...

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Calling All WSVMA Members! Board of Directors seeking nominations

  |   WSVMA News

The WSVMA is currently seeking interested members to serve on the WSVMA Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning late September 2019. Serving on the WSVMA Board of Directors has many wonderful benefits. You can grow as a leader, build your community, gain expertise in issues facing the veterinary profession, influence policy, and stretch your intellectual and emotional muscles. It is truly a worthwhile and rewarding experience. We’re looking for members to run for the Board who are open-minded, flexible,...

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Brucella canis – An infection with public health risk and much unknown

  |   Animal Health

Brucella canis is a significant cause of reproductive disease in dogs and can result in potentially severe infections in humans. The true incidence in dogs is unknown but appears to be rising, particularly among dogs in the breeding industry. In Washington state, B. canis is reportable by veterinarians to WA State Dept. of Agriculture (WSDA) within 24 hours of suspicion or confirmation of infection. So far in 2018, five cases have been reported to WSDA, higher than the reported 0–2...

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2019 Washington legislative session underway

  |   Legislative

The 2019 Washington State Legislature convened on Monday, January 14 for a scheduled 105-day legislative session. In contrast to most budget year sessions, where the legislative committees tend to focus the first week on committee subject matter introduction and background reports, this year the committees began the week hearing substantive issues related to climate, tax policy, education policy and other major issues. On Tuesday, Governor Inslee presented his State of the State address outlining his priorities for the 2019 session.  Much...

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