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Group of young millennials at Tacoma kennel unionize with Teamsters – People’s World 35 dogs, cats arrive at Lynnwood shelter from Memphis, some up for adoption by end of week – KOMO Strangles reported in Whidbey Island horses, but an issue for all horse owners – WSDA Seneca Valley Virus on the rise in Oregon – National Hog Farmer Paid Sick Leave Law Factsheet – WA Dept. of Labor & Industries New tax guidelines rely on workers to double-check their paychecks – Seattle Times VFD: One...

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States consider Emergency Response and Veterinary Opioid Training

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As state legislatures approach the start of the legislative year, lawmakers in several states have begun to pre-file bills and regulations for consideration. Along-with these pre-filed bills, other legislatures have continued to work through the holiday season and have proposed bills and regulations that impact various areas of veterinary medicine. In light of recent environmental disasters, three states- Florida, New York, and Washington - have proposed legislation geared towards emergency preparedness and veterinary care of animals impacted by extreme weather. In...

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National Directory of Abuse Investigation Agencies Published

  |   Animal Welfare

The National Link Coalition – the National Resource Center on The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence—has announced the publication of a free National Directory of Abuse Investigation Agencies, covering more than 6,500 counties, cities and towns, that identifies which agency in that jurisdiction investigates reports of suspected animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. The Directory was created in response to laws in 34 states, and policies from AVMA and AAHA, which require or permit veterinarians to report suspected animal cruelty....

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AVMA COE seeking applicants

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The AVMA Council on Education Selection Committee is seeking interested and qualified veterinarians to serve on the Council. This is one of the most important volunteer roles that AVMA members can fill. You know first-hand how critical it is to find the best people to serve in accreditation. We are hoping you can assist us in identifying qualified practitioners who are interested in veterinary education, based on their activities with students or relationship with your organization. Please pass this communication along...

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Tips for horse owners – protecting your horse from Equine Herpesvirus

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Last week, the Department of Agriculture was notified of one laboratory-verified case of Equine Herpes Virus Myeloencephalopathy or EHV – 1, neuropathogenic strain, in King County, WA.  Quarantine was immediately instituted by the Department of Agriculture and the Department is working closely with the facility and their veterinarian to contain this outbreak.  Subsequent testing identified an additional five infected horses at the facility. As of 20171226, 7 horses with neurological signs have been euthanized out of population of 60 horses. EHV...

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