Take action now on prescription mandate legislation – every letter will make a difference

  |   Federal Regulatory

Important news: Prescription mandate legislation, the misleadingly-named Fairness to Pet Owners Act (H.R. 1607/S.1290), has now been introduced in the House and Senate. This legislation is gaining momentum and we urgently need you to tell your lawmakers to oppose this bill.  This legislation would require veterinarians to provide clients with copies of all companion-animal prescriptions, regardless of whether the client wants one or whether the prescription is ultimately dispensed by the veterinarian or filled by a pharmacy. This proposed prescription mandate is...

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Reminder on Heartworm Testing on Dogs from Heartworm Endemic Areas

  |   Animal Health

While the incidence of heartworm disease in native Washington dogs is still low, the number of dogs moving into Washington from heartworm endemic areas, nationally and internationally, is increasing. Heartworm disease is reportable in Washington. The State Veterinarian's Office (WSDA), has seen an increase in the numbers of dogs reported in the state, with the majority of these being rescue dogs imported into the state or owned dogs brought in by their owners. The WSDA requires that dogs six months of age...

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New Hire Process for Success

  |   Practice Management

A study on new employees from the Academy of Management Journal found that the first 90 days of employment, often referred to as the probationary period, is pivotal to building rapport with the company, management and coworkers. When support levels were high from the team and leaders, new hires often had more positive attitudes about their job and worked harder. When support and direction were not offered, the inverse occurred, leading to unhappy and unproductive employees who didn’t make it...

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This Week’s Helpful Links

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Inertia in the veterinary profession – VIN News Hill’s adds to recall of vitamin D-laden dog food – VIN News Vancouver, WA in top ten for heartworms in May – Veterinary Practice News Strangles alert in Snohomish and King Counties  - EDCC 8 Zoonotic Diseases Shared Between Animals and People of Most Concern in the U.S. - CDC A blessing: Euthanasia from the eyes of a WA veterinarian – Union Bulletin   Posted May 24, 2019...

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Modernizing the Livestock Inspection Program – New law for WSDA’s brand program goes into effect this summer

  |   Legislative

In April, Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation intended to restore financial solvency to our Livestock Inspection Program (LID). The program, which has roots dating back to the 1860s, is entirely funded by fees paid by the livestock industry and receives no state general fund dollars. But in recent years, the program has been in financial crisis. The inspection fees it relies on are set in statute and had not been adjusted since 2006. Over time, rising costs outpaced fee revenue. The livestock industry...

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