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Rad Cat Raw Diet pet food recall expanded – King5 CDC: Salmonella outbreak may include pet food – Today’s Veterinary Nurse A horse was neglected by its owner. Now the horse is suing – Washington Post Addressing health concerns for livestock during wildfires – Ag Daily Mishka the asthmatic otter at Seattle Aquarium – Seattle Times Scratchpay introduces interest-free client financing – Today’s Veterinary Business   Posted August 24, 2018...

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Nation’s first clinic to treat animal worker injuries opens in Seattle

  |   WSVMA News

The University of Washington’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Services and the Harborview Medical Center Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic are excited to announce the creation of the new Healthy Animal Worker Clinic. The Healthy Animal Worker Clinic (HAWC) is the nation’s first occupational medicine clinic dedicated to the occupational health care of animal workers. In Washington State, approximately 24,000 workers have regular contact with animals or animal products. These workers; including those involved in veterinary care, animal shelters, zoos...

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VBOG adding an additional training option for veterinary medication clerks

  |   Legislative

The Washington Veterinary Board of Governors is updating existing regulations that adds an educational training option for veterinary medication clerks (VMC) to meet their training requirements for registration. Currently, VMCs must complete the on-the-job Model Training Program developed by the Veterinary Board of Governors and the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission. The proposed amendment is in response to a petitioner who requested additional options through educational training. Upon adoption of the rule, potential educational programs for VMCs must meet the same criteria...

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FDA releases opioids resources for veterinarians

  |   Federal Regulatory

The epidemic of opioid abuse is affecting medical and health professionals such as physicians and pharmacists, but also veterinarians. Prescription opioids are powerful pain-reducing medications that include oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine, among others, and they have both benefits as well as potentially serious risks, such as addiction, abuse, and overdose. While opioids are a small part of the veterinarian’s medical arsenal for treating pain in animals, stocking and administering these drugs also makes it important for veterinarians to understand how they can...

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Baker Commodities no longer accepting animals euthanized by barbiturates.

  |   Practice Management

Veterinarians who euthanize horses are being told by haulers that Baker Commodities is no longer accepting horses and other animals that have been euthanized “using any barbiturates, pentobarbital, other chemicals harmful to animals, or prohibited chemicals or drugs.” Baker says the new directives are to protect a safe feed product, protect the public food supply chain, and to comply with FDA regulations. They will accept animals that have been euthanized using acceptable methods of euthanasia including penetrating captive bolt to...

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