Washington pets in need being helped by new veterinary fund

  |   Foundation

Last fall, the Washington State Animal Health Foundation launched a new resource intended to help you better serve your clients who struggle with affording important veterinary treatment – The Vets Helping Pets Fund. The Vets Helping Pets Fund allows WSVMA members and their associates to advocate for clients in need and receive financial support to be able to provide needed care and treatment for their beloved animal companions. Many families struggle to afford care and our goal is to create a robust...

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Healthy mind platter – supporting mental wellness as part of thriving

  |   Wellness

When we consider our healthiest selves, daily investment of love, attention, and energy investment are required.  There are 8 dimensions in the holistic wellness wheel (reference….).  Depending upon our needs and available resources, the amount of time and care focused on these 8 dimensions varies from day to day. As part of fortifying the Mental Wellness realm in this ‘wellness wheel’, we are going to explore utilizing the “healthy mind platter.” In 2011, the USDA replaced the healthy nutrition food pyramid into a...

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WSVMA 2021 Awards – deadline to submit nominations

  |   WSVMA News

Each year, the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) conducts an awards program to honor individuals whose service has contributed significantly to the veterinary profession in Washington State. The 2022 awards that will be presented include Veterinarian of the Year, Distinguished Achievement, Outstanding Veterinary Service, WSU Faculty Member of the Year, Distinguished Veterinary Staff, Humane Animal Welfare, and Allied Industry. It only takes a few moments to submit the name of your deserving colleague. Please submit nominations to the WSVMA office using the...

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Voicing veterinary needs to the FDA on #256 compounding guidance

  |   Medicine

AVMA has shared the profession’s needs with the FDA throughout the development of the guidance.  The final guidance includes many changes made in response to concerns expressed by the AVMA and provides veterinarians considerable latitude when compounding in a practice setting, as well as when writing patient-specific prescriptions. However, for a pharmacy to provide compounds prepared from bulk drug substances for office stock or dispensing, the compound must be on one of three lists to be maintained by FDA: the List...

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WSVMA DVM: Masterclass Webinar – A 5 Step Formula for Creating a Life and Veterinary Career You Love with Dr. Quincy Hawley

  |   Continuing Education

Join us Tuesday, April 19, 2022, at 12 pm for our webinar – A 5 Step Formula for Creating a Life and Veterinary Career You Love with Dr. Quincy Hawley and sponsored by Merck Animal Health. Veterinary medicine is supposed to be ENJOYED and not painfully and resentfully ENDURED! Yet, due to challenges that can occur at home and in vet med (and now, with a Super-Sized side of COVID), we can sometimes find ourselves resentful of our choice to...

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