WSVMA compounding survey

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While we wish to keep member surveys to a minimum, we need your input on compounding practices within your hospital. The WSVMA has been working closely with the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission  (PQAC) as they amend and update state compounding regulations which could affect your ability to treat patients with compounded medications. Through this survey, we can gain important insight into how often you use compounded drugs, how current compounding laws are affecting your practice, and which compounded drugs are most...

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Washington wildfires devastate ranching community

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While total losses from the wildfires won’t be known for several months, it’s clear that ranchers in North Central Washington have lost a great deal. News reports indicate that hundreds of cattle were lost or killed, but no one knows for certain because they won’t be counted until next spring. One thing is known: the fires burned hundreds of square miles of rangeland, destroying barns, hay, fencing and livelihoods. Jack Field, executive director of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association (WCA), says...

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California Senate passes bill to restrict antibiotic use in livestock

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Last week, the California Senate passed SB 27 limiting the use of medically important antimicrobial (MIAM) drugs in livestock. Under a valid VCPR, MIAM drugs can only be used if the veterinarian has determined they’re necessary to treat a disease or infection, control the spread or prevent transmission of disease or infection, or in relation to surgery or medical procedure. The use of MIAM drugs to promote weight gain or improve feed efficiency is prohibited. The bill will also establish a...

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West Nile Virus more active this year

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Washington has seen a resurgence in West Nile virus cases this year and the state veterinarian, Dr. Joe Baker, is asking for horse owners to ensure their horses are vaccinated. The virus hasn’t been as active in recent years and it’s possible that owners have become complacent. To date this year, 22 horses have tested positive in addition to 20 humans, 6 birds and 151 mosquito pools. There were also six blood donors whose blood tested positive when screened for the presence...

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Requirements for dogs entering the United States from Mexico and Canada

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Now available on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website are flyers with infographics that outline the requirements for importing dogs into the United States from Mexico and Canada.  These materials promote awareness of rabies vaccination certificate requirements for all dogs crossing the land border into the United States. For information about bringing dogs (and cats) into Washington, access the requirements here. For information about traveling to Canada with pets and horses, visit the WSVMA website....

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