Spay/Neuter – Truth or Fiction? New WSVMA Conference will pose provocative questions

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WSVMA is proud to launch our first annual VetMed Matters Conference on Saturday, April 16 at Renton Technical College:  Spay/Neuter – Truth or Fiction? The Breeder Said I Shouldn’t Spay my Dog Until She’s Two Years Old Because it Causes Cancer. The inaugural program will explore the science and answer the big questions about timing, long-term health implications, risks, alternatives, behavioral effects and impact on shelter populations. The VetMed Matters Conference is a new annual meeting where we tackle important subjects that span across practice...

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DEA changes interpretation of Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

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When the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act was signed by President Obama in 2014, it became legal for veterinarians to carry controlled substances across state lines to provide medical care to patients outside of their clinics. Earlier this year the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) indicated they were not in complete agreement with the AVMA or Congress regarding the interpretation of the legislation.  The AVMA met recently with DEA officials and after learning that states allow veterinarians to be licensed regardless of...

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University of Idaho’s Veterinary Teaching Center to close

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The University Of Idaho College Of Agricultural and Life Science’s Caine Veterinary Teaching Center will close by the end of 2016. The Center provides fourth-year veterinary students from WSU with clinical training in food animal medicine and surgery. Veterinarians also depend on the Center for its laboratory and necropsies. Instead, students will be educated by relying on veterinary faculty located throughout the state and by working directly with livestock producers. The program has served over 2,000 veterinary and pre-veterinary students...

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Mandatory microchips for all dogs in England

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As of April 6, all dogs in England must be microchipped or face fines of up to $700 (U.S. dollars). England’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural affairs say that local authorities and pet charities will save nearly $50 million annually in kenneling, food and rehoming costs if every dog is microchipped. Approximately 1.5 million dogs in England are not microchipped and in 2015, nearly 48,000 dogs were left unclaimed in shelters across the country. Authorities say that microchipping is...

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