TIGER MOUNTAIN VETERINARY CLINIC CLOSED – EQUIPMENT SALE – Updated and Serviced at least yearly, all in excellent condition. • Physical Therapy K Laser CUBE (2yr) $15,000 • Surgical Laser and vacuum LUXAR (15) $8,000 • Large surgical moveable light $1,500 • Isolfurane anesthesia machine (2yr) $1,500 • Fovea fully computerized digital radiology unit (15yr)…excellent radiograph and all adjustments can be made with computer, no retakes needed. Continual updates can send films to radiologist straight from the computer. Can copy all films $8,000 • Rabies and ID tag maker – ID with owner info and other side animal and rabies info, several tag sizes $500 • Dental surgical light $800 • Cat condos 6 cages in unit. Can be fixed to allow cat to go into two or more cages. Cats love them – can climb up, down or across. Free for you to pick up. Cash or check only (all prices are 10-50% off original cost.) Contact Jayne Jensen, DVM Issaquah-Hobard Rd. (425) 269-3519.

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