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March 11, 2016 /  Week 8

The 2016 session of the Washington State legislature was scheduled to adjourn on March 10. However, budget negotiations have not resulted in an agreement over the differing approaches in the House and Senate budget. Governor Inslee called a special session of the legislature starting immediately, on Thursday evening. A special session can last for 30 days, but can end when the budget is resolved and does not have to go the full 30 days. The House and Senate still remain apart in their approaches. The original Senate budget approach increases spending by about $35 million, The House budget by over $500 million. Budget negotiators did make progress on a final budget even as late as last evening. They now remain approximately $225 million apart. House Democrats continue to ask for more taxes, higher spending, and a significant spend down of reserves; while the Senate spends less and is pushing for controversial pension reforms. Budget negotiators are expected to work through the weekend. We do not yet know when the full legislature will be called back. It could be Monday, or they may be told to wait until a budget compromise is reached.

On Thursday evening, Governor Inslee carried out his threat to Veto legislation passed by the legislature if a budget resolution was not achieved prior to adjournment. He had received 37 bills and vetoed 27 of the bills on Thursday evening. The 10 bills signed dealt with health and public safety issues. This appears to be the largest number of bills ever vetoed at one time by a Governor in Washington State.

You can view the Governors press conference in this link.

Governors Press Conference

Corporate Ownership-HB 6411 did not receive a vote in the House before adjournment and is unlikely to be considered during a special session


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