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AVMA Launches Database for Clinical Studies

A new resource for researchers who seek animals to participate in clinical studies.

Judicious Use of Antimicrobials

General practice principals and more.

Animal Disease Alerts

Information about infectious diseases and other resources regarding animal health.

FDA Alerts

The latest updates from the FDA.

Recall Alerts

Recall alerts that every veterinarian should be aware of.

Veterinary Feed Directive

Updates on VFD and more.

Feline Declaw

Resources on the subject of declawing cats.

Hazardous Drugs Regulations

Resources on the subject of hazardous drugs.

Veterinary Economics

Resources on the subject of veterinary economics.

Avian influenza (AI) outbreak

WSDA has new information surrounding the avian influenza outbreak.

Ebola and Pets

Information about Ebola and how it may or may not affect household pets.

Health Certifications for Travel

The latest information and resources on Health Certification for pets and horses traveling to Canada.

Zika Virus

Updates on Zika Virus.