October 15 Deadline to Have

EMV Credit Card Processing Equipment

WA Veterinarian Magazine

by Alliant

May/Jun 2015

Because of the rapid increase in credit card fraud, card issuers in the U.S. are now migrating to the more secure EMV chip card payment technology that has been in use for years in places like Europe and Canada. Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV), are the three card associations that have developed the EMV standards. Discover and American Express have also become part of this agreement. Benefits of EMV chip cards include a reduced risk of fraud for your practice and your customers. Because EMV chip cards use a microchip to store account information, they are more difficult to counterfeit than magnetic stripe cards, so card-present (CP) transactions are more secure.

With this new equipment, you will be able to run customers who have Chip cards as EMV transactions and not swiped transactions, reducing your risk of fraudulent transactions. Card-present (CP) fraud in the U.S. is expected to significantly decrease as more merchants and customers have EMV capability. In participating countries, EMV technology has reduced CP fraud by as much as 84 percent. The new equipment will also accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet, making it more convenient by only using one piece of equipment.

Businesses need to have updated EMV equipment by October 15, 2015 or they could be financially liable for card-present fraud that could have been prevented with the more secure EMV system. Banks have been absorbing credit card losses but the liability for card-present fraud is expected to shift to merchants that don’t update their system.

Switching technologies should be made sooner than later. Card fraudsters are expected to concentrate their efforts on merchants who have not upgraded to EMV. Thieves prefer easy targets. Until you upgrade to EMV equipment, your practice risks being attacked by thieves. The sooner you upgrade, the less vulnerable you will be.

WSVMA’s preferred merchant services provider for over 20 years, Alliant Merchant Solutions (formerly Bancard USA) can provide new or existing customer upgrades to point-of-sale (POS) equipment, system, and software to EMV capability. It may be as simple as adding an EMV-compatible PIN with a software update, though, you may need to replace your terminal completely. Call today and help protect your clients’ credit card information while reducing your liability. Call (866) 888-2872 or email [email protected] Working with Alliant also helps WSVMA members by providing a monthly residual to invest in WSVMA programs and services.


Alliant, WSVMA’s Member Partner formerly called Bancard USA, can help you make the shift and keep costs down. For more information contact Mike Lee at (253) 261-6800 or [email protected].

“Banks have been absorbing credit card losses but the liability for card-present fraud is expected to shift to merchants that don’t update their system.”