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An In-Depth Look at Medical Cannabis for the Washington State Veterinarian

by Robert J. Silver, DVM, MS

Medical Cannabis for Veterinarians is a new and emerging field following the changes in state and federal legislation over the past 6-7 years. It is important for veterinarians to be knowledgeable of the evidence basis for its use through published studies and from veterinarians who are experienced and skilled in it is applications. This 4-hour seminar will provide the Washington veterinarian with the most up-to-date research and information that they need in order to make their own clinical decisions regarding its veterinary applications, it’s safe and effective clinical uses and to inform their communications with their clients.

An Overview of Medical Cannabis for Veterinarians
CBD-dominant cannabis is a promising emerging therapy for veterinarians. This first part in this 4 part series provides an introduction to this complex topic with the history of the origins of its use, published surveys and toxicology studies, pertinent terminology, regulatory information for the Washington veterinarian, and introduction to the pharmacology of the two dominant molecules in the plant, THC and CBD.

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Meet the Plant
The second hour focuses on the important botanical aspects of the plant, with detailed descriptions of its many active components, and their phyto-pharmacology. Recent studies and published research into the pharmacokinetics and safety of CBD and THC in dogs, cats and horses will help the veterinarian better understand the limits of safety and potential risks inherent in the clinical use of these two major plant active molecules.

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The Endocannabinoid System of Animals, Explained
The biological target of the molecules in cannabis is the endocannabinoid system (ECS), discovered recently in the mid 1990’s following the elucidation of the structure of THC. This system is where the “rubber meets the road” in terms of the biological effects of cannabis. An understanding of the mechanisms of action of the ECS explains the wide range of effective clinical applications that are possible with cannabis.

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Practicum: Veterinary Applications, Product Selection, Quality Control and Realistic Dosing Strategies
There now are a number of studies in veterinary species supporting its efficacy for certain applications, and that support administration strategies to provide optimal absorption. Veterinarians need to know what the considerations are in choosing the appropriate product, based on laboratory analysis and quality control standards. Efficacious dosing of cannabis is a multifactorial process. There are no Phase One studies to guide the veterinarian, but evidence-based and anecdotal dosing strategies to achieve clinical results will be detailed in this very practical final hour of this afternoon seminar.

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Dr. Robert J. Silver DVM, MS is a 1982 graduate of Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Silver received his MS in cardiopulmonary physiology in 1976, and his BS in Animal Science from CSU in 1974, with honors. Dr. Silver is adjunct faculty at both the Chi University and at Lincoln Memorial University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Silver serves as Chief Medical Officer of RxVitamins, and formerly served as Chief Veterinary Officer for one of the largest vertically-integrated hemp companies in the United States. Dr. Silver has been providing post-graduate, continuing education classes to veterinarians, both domestically and internationally for the past 25 years, primarily speaking on the value of integrating nutraceuticals into conventional veterinary medical protocols.

Considered one of few experts in veterinary cannabis, Dr. Silver has authored the book: “Medical Marijuana and Your Pet”. Additionally, he has contributed 4 textbook chapters in two Springer publications on veterinary cannabis in the past two years. Dr. Silver has written a peer-reviewed and published article in www.animals.com titled: “The Endocannabinoid System of Animals”.

Dr. Silver is currently president-elect of the American College of Veterinary Botanical Medicine and Past-President of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association. He has served on the Board of Directors of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and with the Hemp Feed Coalition. Dr. Silver is a founding member of the Veterinary Cannabis Society and a member of the Cannabis Clinicians Society.

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