Long Term Care insurance available for WA veterinarians and employees through AVMA Life

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For AVMA member veterinarians who have tried to secure long-term care insurance ahead of the state’s Nov. 1, 2021 deadline but have been unsuccessful can apply for insurance through AVMA Life. Veterinary employees are also eligible to be covered by the insurance through their employers. The deadline to opt out of the program has prompted a flood of applications for new plans, and it’s caused most private insurers in Washington to stop accepting new applications. The WSVMA reached out to AVMA Life and their carrier is approved to sell LTC insurance in the state.

Approved in 2019, Washington’s program will help pay for nursing care and additional support services for those who can no longer care for themselves. The program will use an employee-paid 0.58% payroll tax and will cover $36,500 to pay for services such as nursing home stays, in-home caregiver visits, or home renovations such as wheelchair ramps.

LTCRplus, an exclusive group benefit, is available for AVMA members licensed in Washington at discounted premiums for customized policies and flexible solutions.

To learn more, download this brochure. To determine costs and premiums, visit the LTC Premium and Benefits Calculator.

To learn more about LTCRplus and speak to a specialist, contact 844-LTC-Plus (1-844-582-7587) • E-mail: [email protected].


Posted September 24, 2021

Updated September 27, 2021