WSVMA presents May 16 CE program Protecting Pets: Animal Cruelty and the Practicing Veterinarian

  |   Continuing Education

Join us on Sunday, May 16, 2021, at 12 pm for another premier DVM: Masterclass Intensive featuring a panel of experts in animal cruelty cases and prosecutions. Christopher Quinn, JD will provide an overview of WA animal cruelty laws, how prosecutors decide whether to press charges and what veterinary practices should and should not do regarding reporting and documenting suspected cruelty cases. Washington State public records laws will also be covered as they pertain to clients obtaining veterinary records and reports.

Tim Anderson will give an overview of duties, responsibilities, and different types of Animal Control Officer (ACO) programs as well as what an ACO does when a complaint is made alleging neglect or abuse, including follow-up, investigation, and communication with the animal owner. Recommendations for veterinarians will be provided on how they can best support and assist ACO’s in their work.

Veterinarian Christine Monroe will provide recommendations on how to discuss concerns about animal care and possible cruelty with clients, as well as how to discuss concerns with veterinary clinic staff. Other topics will include who in the clinic should make a complaint to animal control or law enforcement, public relations do’s, don’ts and concerns, and clinic safety and fear of retaliation.

Dr. Gene Mueller, Regional Animal Services of King County, will round out the afternoon by moderating a panel discussion with our experts so the audience can get their questions answered.

Don’t miss this important program. The program will be held online via Zoom and will provide four (4) hours of high-quality continuing education. Registration is $59 for members. The webinar will be recorded so even if you can’t watch on Sunday, sign up and you’ll be provided access to the recordings to watch at your leisure.

Note: Through the end of 2021, the Veterinary Board of Governors has removed the limitation on the number of pre-recorded webinars that qualify for your total CE hours.


Posted April 30, 2021