WSVMA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee call for volunteers

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There’s no doubt that the past year’s events have brought a much needed focus into making the veterinary profession more diverse, equitable and inclusive. The WSVMA Board of Directors was the first state veterinary medical association to support the WakeUpVetMed initiative and has made diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) a strategic objective since 2018. The Board has also approved a new standing committee with the following objectives:

  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is embedded in WSVMA’s organizational culture, systems and practices and is not seen as an isolated program but rather as a core value, a source of innovation, and as a means to growth and success.
  2. The WSVMA leadership and staff is diverse, engaged and publicly supports internal and external diversity-related initiatives.
  3. The WSVMA is an inclusive community that provides equal access to opportunities and resources for those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. The WSVMA treats all people with respect.
  4. WSVMA members understand how DEI efforts contribute to practice success and personal wellbeing and implement DEI best practices for their staff and clientele.
  5. WSVMA contributes to the diversity of the veterinary profession through organizational programs and activities.

We’re looking to establish the DEI Committee with six to eight volunteers that possess the following skills and qualifications:

  1. An accurate understanding and experience of DEI issues and effective efforts, or a sincere willingness to learn.
  2. A demonstrated practical understanding and skill working with a horizontal/non-hierarchical approach to teamwork.
  3. An openness to asking what kind of people we want to be and what we want to accomplish together with others in the profession or with others who want to be in the profession.

Interested participants in the DEIC must submit a statement of interest to include the following information:

  1. Reason for interest in serving
  2. Any past or current participation in DEI activities and/or trainings, for instance in community-based, service or professional organizations, workplace programs, etc.
  3. Lived experience, self-reflection and/or self-assessment about bias
  4. Any particular area of interest that you’d like to explore or that you can bring from your experience.
  5. A brief biographical sketch
  6. Number of hours per month you can easily manage for work of the committee

Statements of Interest and/or questions should be sent no later than Feb. 7, 2021 to [email protected]. Interested candidates will be contacted the week of Feb. 8, 2021 with next steps. Appointments will be made by early March.


Posted January 8, 2021