Vaccine Allocation for Veterinary Professionals

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Updated: 1/11/2020

Updated advisory on vaccine allocation for veterinarians

In our efforts to get veterinary professionals vaccinated, we’ve been told by health officials that we’re not included in Phase 1A, Tier 2, but a later phase to be determined.

We’ve already heard from several veterinarians who were approved through the eligibility screening survey, but when they called the location to schedule the vaccination, they were turned away and told veterinarians are not included with the other health care workers.

We are advocating diligently to change this with the WA Dept. of Health and the Governor’s office.

Please contact us with the following information:

  •  If you have been successfully vaccinated, please let us know the circumstances and what location you used.
  • If you’ve been turned away, please let us know the circumstances and the location.

We will notify you as soon as we learn more. The WSVMA is dedicated to the entire veterinary community in advocating for your safety.

Contact us at [email protected] or (800) 399-7862.

Posted January 7, 2021

Washington state authorities at the Dept. of Health (DOH) have updated Phase 1A of Washington’s COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Guidance, adding a second tier to 1A that allows for the vaccination of all workers in health care settings.

What does this mean for veterinary professionals?

In the absence of the state naming specific health care professionals in the Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation Guidance, and because the veterinary community has followed all Governor orders pertaining to health care settings, the WSVMA believes that veterinarians and veterinary team members qualify to obtain the vaccine in Phase 1A, Tier 2.

“Phase 1A: Tier 2 Guidance • We specifically use the terminology “workers in health care settings” and not “health care workers or personnel” because health agencies should consider the full spectrum of workers who might fit these conditions. Health care agencies should consider all types of staff (e.g., contracted, part-time, unpaid/volunteer, etc.) and the spectrum of staff who provide services (e.g., outpatient services, direct patient care, support services, janitorial, etc.). Tier 2 covers all workers in health care settings and should err on the side of inclusion.”

Washington is currently in Phase 1A. According to DOH, some communities have already completed or are very near to completing vaccination of their high-risk workers in health care settings in Tier 1 as outlined in current DOH guidance, allowing them to move into Tier 2.

Washington state is relying on an honor system to determine eligibility for COVID-19 vaccinations, freeing those who are administering the vaccine the need to police who qualifies.

Go to the Washington COVID-19 eligibility screening survey and complete the qualifying questions. In order to be approved, you have to select that you are a health care worker, and you are exposed to the general public. Once approved, you will be given a list of providers.

It’s recommended that once approved for the vaccine, plan to bring with you a letter on clinic letterhead, a badge, or ID indicating their employment in veterinary medicine.

Should any veterinary professional run into interference in being allowed to obtain the vaccine, please notify the WSVMA office immediately by emailing [email protected] or calling (800) 399-7862.

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Posted January 7, 2021