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While much of our nation’s focus on election day was on the presidential race, the General Election in Washington State included a variety of important local decisions as well. There are almost 4.9 million voters registered in Washington State. On election night over 3.355 million votes were counted for a turnout of 68.64%. As of Friday morning, November 6, 3.795 million or 77.64% of the ballots have been counted. An estimated 235,000 ballots remain to be counted, although this number often changes.

The Washington Secretary of State estimates turnout in 2020 could approach 90%, eclipsing the highest turnout ever recorded.

Counties typically report daily between 4pm and 6pm each day for the first week after the election. The numbers below change each day as all ballots are counted. Counties must certify election results by November 24. The Secretary of State must certify results on December 3.

Statewide Key Races


  • Jay Inslee (D) 57.73%
  • Loren Culp (R) 41.95%

Lt. Governor

  • Denny Heck (D) 46.37%
  • Marko Lias (D) 33.66%

Secretary of State

  • Kim Wyman (R) 52.91%
  • Gael Tarleton (D) 46.97%

State Senate

Democrats currently control the Senate by a 28 to 21 margin. There are 26 senators who are up for election. Here are key State Senate Races:

  • 5th District — Incumbent Mark Mullet (D) 48.99% narrowly leads challenger Ingrid Anderson (D) 48.97%. After trailing by 967 votes on election night, Mullet now leads by 18 votes.
  • 10th District — Appointed Incumbent Ron Muzzall (R) 50.14% leads challenger Helen Price Johnson. Muzzal trailed by 1319 votes on election night and now leads by 307 votes.
  • 19th District — Incumbent Dean Takko (D) 45.41% trails Challenger Jeff Wilson (R) 54.48%.
  • 28th District — Incumbent Sen. Steve O’Ban (R) trails Challenger T’Wina Nobles (D) 50.7%. O’Ban trailed by 2177 on election night. He is now down by 1073 votes.

 House of Representatives

Democrats control the House 57 to 41. All 98 seats are on the ballot. Here are some of the more interesting races:

  • 10th District — Open Seat. Greg Gilday (R) 49.65%. Angie Homola (D) 50.15%. The election night difference has been reduced from 1763 to 400 votes.
  • 10th District — Incumbent Rep. Dave Paul (D) 51.1% leads Bill Brunch (R) 48.82%.
  • 17th District — Incumbent Rep. Vicki Kraft (R) 50.26% leads Challenger Tanisha Harris (D) 49.63%. Kraft trailed by 1612 on election night and now leads by 482 votes.
  • 19th District — Incumbent Rep. Brian Blake (D) 47.93% trails Challenger Joel McEntire (R) 51.98%.


With hundreds of thousands of votes yet to be counted it will be several days before the results of the election are known with certainty. However, it appears that there will not be much change in the numbers in either the House or the Senate. When the results are tabulated a final report will be provided.

By Greg Hanon, WSVMA Legislative Advocate


Posted November 6, 2020