The Next Normal: Pathways for Veterinary Medicine

  |   Continuing Education, Practice Management

The relatively staid veterinary profession has been truly uprooted and replanted over the last six months.  Join three veterinary profession thought leaders – Drs. Karen Felsted, Matt Salois, and Peter Weinstein – as they discuss and postulate on a direction that the veterinary profession may be headed.  Starting with a look at the global economy, extending into the veterinary specific economy, and touching the micro-economy within the operations of a practice, the presenters will encourage attendees to continue thinking differently about the veterinary profession as the world around us continues to unfold.

The session will probe topics including:

  • What long-term impact will the viral pandemic have on the way veterinary care is delivered?
  • What operational changes will remain to meet the needs and demands of the consumer?
  • What economic impact will the pandemic have on all businesses – and will veterinary medicine continue to thrive while unemployment grows?
  • What can attendees do for their practices and their teams to more than just survive but actually thrive in the next normal?

Presenters will elaborate on their key take-home messages:

  1. Change is inevitable – Your practice before COVID-19 is not your practice now and will not be your practice in the future.  Learn how change is good.
  2. Cash is king – Focus on cash flow through operational efficiencies and monitoring your key performance indicators.
  3. Clients are in control – Know what your clients want and deliver.  As simple as that.
  4. Communication, communication, communication – The practices that will thrive are led by veterinarians and managers with a vision for the future and who communicates that vision to their teams.
  5. Care more than you ever have – Care about your clients, your team, and your profession more than the consolidators and you will control your destiny.

Program attendees will be able to participate in the chat stream and pose questions to the presenters.

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Posted October 16, 2020