Animal Health Import Requirements Waiver for animals affected by Oregon wildfires

  |   Animal Welfare, State Regulatory

The Washington State Veterinarian’s Office is waiving import requirements on livestock from Oregon, allowing these animals a temporary stay in Washington state, provided they do not change ownership and return to Oregon within 30 days. This temporary waiver comes as evacuations due to wildfires in Oregon have placed a significant strain in the state on available stalls and pastures for sheltering horses and other livestock.

Facilities that house evacuated animals are asked to maintain records of any animals they take in as part of this waiver. Records should include the species of animal, number of animals, owner’s name and address, date the animal came to the facility, and the date the animal returned to Oregon. It is important to practice good biosecurity to protect both Washington and Oregon animals from diseases in these situations. The Washington State Veterinarian’s Office recommends housing Oregon animals separate from Washington animals.

WSDA waived equine entry requirements for equids entering Washington from Oregon as evacuation measures from Oregon fires. These horses are being held at fair grounds and are unlikely to remain in Washington for over 30 days. They will be returned directly to Oregon or will be required to comply with Washington entry requirements. They represent an extremely low disease risk to Washington equids and many of their owners have lost their property and possessions in the recent fires.


Posted September 11, 2020