Washington Primary Election Results as of Friday, August 7

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Washington State held its primary election on Tuesday, August 4. There are 4.6 million registered voters. By Tuesday evening, 1.26 million votes were counted, a turnout of 27.4%. Voter turnout in the primary is expected to be above 40%, and several hundred thousand votes remain to be counted. As of Friday, August 7, 1.7 million ballots have been counted, with approximately 600,000 remaining. The final primary totals will not be known until next week. The results below reflect the count as of August 7.

Statewide Key Races

1) Governor’s Race — Incumbent Jay Inslee (D) received 50.82% of the vote. Loren Culp (R) emerged from a crowded primary as the general election opponent. Culp received 17% of the vote.

2) Lt. Governor — Congressman Denny Heck (D) received almost 26.56% of the primary vote. He will face State Senator Marko Liias (D) (17%) in the general election for a Democrat on Democrat race.

State Senate

Democrats currently control the Senate by a 28 to 21 margin. There are 26 senators who are up for election. Of the 26 races, the 5 races below will receive the most focused attention in the run up to the general election.

  • 5th District — Incumbent Mark Mullet (D) 47.76% currently trails challenger Ingrid Anderson (D) 48.14%. Just 119 votes separate the two.
  • 10th District — Appointed Incumbent Mark Muzzall (R) 49.34% trails challenger Helen Price Johnson (D) 50.55%. 528 votes separate the two.
  • 19th District — Incumbent Dean Takko (D) received 44.85% of the vote. Challenger Jeff Wilson (R) received 38.66% and the combined R vote is 55.03%.
  • 25th District — Former Rep. Chris Gildon (R) 44.34% will face Julie Door (D) 43.66% in the November for this open seat. The combined Republican vote was 56.17%.
  • 28th District — Incumbent Sen. Steve O’Ban (R) 49.9% will face challenger T’Wina Nobles (D) 49.98% in the general election. 27 votes separate the two

House of Representatives

Democrats control the House 57 to 41. With 98 races, and multiple candidates in many of the districts, the Primary Election has brought some clarity to the key races we will see. Some of the more interesting races are noted below.

  • 10th District — Open Seat. Greg Gilday (R) 45.23% will face off with Angie Homola (D) 27.71% in this swing district. The combined D vote was 54.48%.
  • 10th District — Incumbent Rep. Dave Paul (D) 48.65% will face Bill Brunch (R) 47.65% in the general election.
  • 19th District — Incumbent Rep. Brian Blake (D) 46.72% is trailing challenger Joel McEntire (R) 53.1%.
  • 25th District — Incumbent Rep. Kelly Chambers (R) 55.38% will face Jamie Smith (D) 44.44%.
  • 25th District — Open Seat. Cyndy Jacobsen (R) 54.14% will face Brian Duthie (D) 45.64%.
  • 26th District — Incumbent Rep. Jesse Young (R) 50.86% will face Carrie Hesch (D) 42.4%. The combined D vote is 49.01%.
  • 42nd District — Incumbent Rep. Sharon Shewmake (D) 49.23% trails challenger Jennifer Sefzik (R) 50.7%. 888 votes separate the two.


10th Congressional-Open Seat — In a crowded primary to replace Denny Heck for the 10th Congressional Seat, former Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland (D) led the results with 21.1%. Two former Democrat State Representatives were the next highest vote recipients. Beth Doglio received 14.68% and Kristine Reeves received 12.91%. It appears that Strickland and Doglio will advance to the general election.

Up to date vote totals can be found on the WA Secretary of State’s website.

By Greg Hanon, WSVMA Legislative Advocate


Posted August 7, 2020