New Washington COVID-19 resources for wellbeing

  |   COVID-19, Wellness

The Washington State Department of Health’s (DOH) COVID-19 Behavioral Health Group Impact Reference Guide describes normal mental and emotional impacts that may manifest in the workplace. Stress over risk of job loss, changes in the nature of work, or personal challenges may contribute to lost productivity. Employees grappling with increased anxiety or stress may be irritable or forgetful. The DOH guide offers information that can help employers recognize symptoms of mental or emotional distress and offer relevant support strategies.

The pandemic has affected every Washingtonian personally but differently. The state coronavirus website also features a selection of demographic-specific resources and hotlines for mental and emotional support. The new Washington Listens website and hotline offer nonclinical support to those confronting anxiety or stress. If your practice has an employee assistance program, that may be a valuable resource to remind employees of. These resources provide opportunities to relieve anxiety and regain balance as the pandemic wears on.


Posted August 7, 2020