Proposed changes to reporting notifiable conditions

  |   State Regulatory

The Washington State Board of Health and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) have filed a Proposed Rule for chapter 246-101 WAC – Notifiable Conditions. The current rule requires veterinarians, health care providers, health care facilities, and other entities to notify public health authorities of zoonotic diseases.

The proposed rule eliminates the requirement for veterinarians to notify public health authorities and instead report zoonotic diseases directly to WSDA, who under the amended rules will report to DOH. DOH has historically received no case reports from veterinarians under this requirement.

Veterinarians will still be required to cooperate with public health authorities and follow infection control measures when necessary to control the spread of disease.

Case reports from WSDA will need to include specific information of the animal and its location, diagnosis or suspected diagnosis, the veterinarian’s contact information, lab results, and any other pertinent information of public health significance collected under 16-70 WAC.

To read the proposed changes, click here. Comments are accepted through July 29 and can be submitted online.


Posted July 24, 2020