An important message to WSVMA members

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Dear Members:

We are reeling with sadness by the violent events taking place in our country this week and recognize the deeply disturbing institutional racism against black Americans. While this conversation may be difficult, it is imperative as an organization that we speak up, and speak out against prejudice and injustice in our society and in our veterinary profession.

This is an extremely difficult time for individuals, families, businesses, our country, and around the world. Many people are suffering the acute emotional, social, and economic impacts of a global pandemic. This suffering is compounded by the heartbreak of senseless violence and death of innocent black men and women. We’ve been working on our Diversity and Inclusion strategic objective and it is apparent how central this topic must remain as we forge ahead in this new era. We remain united in our commitment to strengthen how our community cares for one another.

The WSVMA condemns all forms of racism and discrimination against any race, gender, creed, sexuality, age, and social categories and we are committed to standing up against injustice. We will continue to work together, with you, to enact positive change.

Take part in the conversation. Get involved locally and nationally. Make positive change happen.

The WSVMA Board of Directors and Staff