Veterinary industry covid-19 impact tracking

  |   COVID-19

The data experts at VetSuccess have developed a dashboard to track the daily impact of COVID-19 on the veterinary industry. With data from over 2,800 practices, the tracker shows daily visits and revenue, plus how each day compares to the same day last year on a regional basis. Use this tracker to monitor the industry and compare your practice numbers. The data is refreshed daily in the afternoon and can be viewed by state and major metropolitan areas.

Visit the website and sign up for weekly tracker emails from VetSuccess here.

The AVMA also has several interactive maps available that show the impact of the pandemic on veterinary professionals, including the number of COVID cases and how they intersect with veterinary practices across the country. There’s also an interactive map that shows the social vulnerability in counties in the U.S. In addition to the data, AVMA provides practical guidance for veterinarians and their teams in relation to the data.

To view AVMA’s interactive maps, visit their website.


Posted June 5, 2020