Guidelines and considerations for re-engaging veterinary medical students in clinical rotations during the COVID-19 pandemic

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AAVMC member institutions have worked closely together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to identify best practices, adapt and successfully deliver their academic programs during the crisis environment.

One of the most challenging areas to address has been in the area of providing clinical educational experiences for upper-level students conducting clerkships in university teaching hospitals, affiliated clinical sites and externships.

A team of five AAVMC member institution representatives was created to analyze the issue and develop a series of recommendations that would assure the safety and wellbeing of students and others, as well as the efficacy of the educational programming.

The AAVMC’s “Guidelines and Considerations for Re-engaging Veterinary Medical Students in Clinical Rotations During the COVID-19 Pandemic” is intended to provide informed guidance to member institutions.

Individual colleges and schools must act in accordance with university policies, as well as national, state and local regulations developed to contain and mitigate the public health crisis.


Posted May 22, 2020