Working together during the COVID-19 crisis

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We understand that we’re facing unprecedented change and impact to our businesses. We share your concerns about paying and laying off employees, remaining viable, open businesses. Our best chances of success and weathering this storm is going to come from helping each other. Think about partnering with other practices close to you that you can rely on to help if you or many of your staff become ill and there’s no one to see patients for multiple days. Work out an agreement between each other now so you’re prepared if that happens and make the commitment that if you see another’s client, that you’ll send them back when they’re open again. Let the client know that, too. It takes trust, but now is the time to work together so we can all get back to normal business when this crisis abates.

Covid-19 Quote of the Day

“Adopt a role model mindset. Yes, this is a historic crisis. But that means it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be a role model, to optimize your health, to demonstrate a positive attitude, to show compassion, to set the emotional tone for your circle of influence, to remain calm and conscientious, to lead, to exemplify the values and habits and service and humanity you believe in.”

Brendon Burchard, top motivation and marketing trainer 


Posted March 24, 2020