Like duh, pet owners don’t always hear what we tell them

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Have you heard about The Opportunity? The Opportunity is an exclusive online Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) practice tool that is designed to help identify communication gaps between what your health care team says and what your clients hear. For example, did you know that based on over 1,000 veterinary team staff surveys, 75% of practices routinely assess for pain and only 45% of pet owners recognized that a pain assessment had occurred during the preventive healthcare exam? This is one of many communication gaps identified during a preventive healthcare exam.

A published AAHA-AVMA white paper entitled The Opportunity: Pet owners don’t always hear what we tell them and how to fix that gathered data from practices that utilized PHP’s Opportunity survey tool and clearly identifies the disconnects which exist in staff/pet owner communication as confirmed by data analysis in real world application. Dr. Jeremy Kees, from Villanova University, a nationally recognized expert in consumer communication and market research, helped design the survey and analyze the data from 1,193 staff surveys and 1,360 pet owner surveys over the course of five years. The results? Veterinary practices have a previously unrecognized opportunity to bridge several unexpected communication gaps between their staff and pet owners during a preventive healthcare exam. PHP encourages all practices to uncover their specific communication gaps by utilizing The Opportunity survey tool at and by reading the easy to access results of the white paper.

When your practice implements The Opportunity, it helps to improve client satisfaction, enhance practice strength, and, most importantly, bring optimum preventive healthcare to pets—a goal that we’re all striving to achieve.

For more information, visit the Partners for Healthy Pets website.


Posted February 14, 2020