WSVMA VetMed Matters Conference to focus on economics

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Veterinary medicine has always been an exciting field and today, it is one that is realizing unprecedented levels of growth. From enhancements in medical technology and services to the corporatization of practices with mergers and acquisitions abounding, to partnerships with on-line pharmacies and the growing role of on-demand telemedicine, our profession is experiencing change, seemingly at the speed of light. The good news is that companion animal owners are increasingly seeking our services and taking steps to improve the quality and duration of their pets’ lives. This trend has, in turn, allowed many of our businesses the opportunity to thrive. Some owners and managing doctors have taken advantage of this opportunity; others have not.

Join us on Saturday, Mar. 7, 2020 at Renton Technical College for VetMed Matters, WSVMAs annual deep dive into issues important to our members. Here’s a golden opportunity to get your burning business questions answered by several dynamic speakers and experts in the field:

  • How long can our profession continue to grow?
  • Just how healthy is my practice?
  • Am I growing like I should or am I close to being on life support, in danger of NoLo status?
  • How can I position my practice to experience optimal growth rates so that I can invest in my team and the services they offer?
  • What should be my exit strategy and how I can position my practice for sale to a young associate or a corporate accumulator?

Issue illuminators include Charlotte Hansen, assistant director of AVMA’s Economics Division, Joseph Coury, expert banker and practice broker, and Jeff Sanford, MBA, professor of business education at University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine and developer of industry assessment tools including the Practice Mapping Growth Tool, Practice Performance Health Check, Strategic Marketing Assessment for Veterinary Practices, Activity Based Costing Analysis for Understanding Fees Structures and the Practice Valuation Assessment.

Our learning objectives include:

  • Understand the emerging market trends for our profession.
  • Learn about the growth trends within our profession…the financial picture and what pet owners and young associates bring to the (exam) table.
  • Understand, with the help of involved experts, the opportunities that corporations and consolidators see for the future of our profession.  There’s a reason they are buying practices!
  • Master the most common challenges that hold practice profitability back and learn how easy it is to address those challenges.

Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from your most rewarding years in your practice. Not a practice owner yet? Attend so that you’ll be set up for complete success.

You matter, your practice matters, so this year, attend Vet Med Matters. Registration opens next week. Make sure to save your spot!


Posted January 17, 2020