Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Diagnosed in Clallam County 

  |   Animal Health

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) continues to spread in northwest Washington. Three dead rabbits kept at a property in Clallam County tested positive for the disease in late December. The Washington State Veterinarian expects the areas affected by the disease to continue to expand because it can be spread easily by a wide variety of means including small rodents, birds and larger carnivores. WSDA has quarantined the property where the disease was identified in owned domestic rabbits. Rabbit owners are urged to continue to maintain high levels of biosecurity to protect their animals. Rabbit owners in the quarantine zone and control area should discuss with their veterinarian whether or not to include vaccination as part of their risk reduction plan. Click here for more information on RHD and the vaccine.

Source: Washington State Department of Agriculture


Posted January 17, 2020