Governor Inslee proclaims November 3, 2019 One Health Day

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Washington Governor Jay Inslee issued a proclamation for the State of Washington recognizing Nov. 3, 2019 as One Health Day. One Health Day provides an opportunity for experts and the community to join together in One Health education and awareness. The WSVMA has been collaborating for the past four years with the WA Dept. of Health, WA Dept. of Agriculture, Washington State University, University of Washington, human health professionals and environmental experts to address antimicrobial resistance in Washington State.


This year marks the fourth annual One Health Day, a global campaign that celebrates and brings attention to the need for a One Health approach to address shared health threats at the human-animal-environment interface. Launched in April 2016 by three leading international One Health groups, the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative, and the  One Health Platform Foundation, One Health Day answers the urgent need for a One Health trans-disciplinary approach towards solving today’s critical global health challenges. It is a timely initiative that gives scientists and advocates a powerful voice for moving beyond current provincial approaches to emerging zoonotic infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, climate change, environmental pollution, food safety, comparative/ translational medicine, and many other problems, to a holistic default way of doing business.


Posted November 8, 2019